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Feng Shui For Creativity: 5 Easy Ways to Boost Your Creativity for Greater Success

Feng Shui creativity home colorsIn Feng Shui, you can enhance your creativity and creative flow by looking at your space and the areas within your home to understand how you can improve the energy to welcome new opportunities and possibilities.
Whether or not you work in what you might call a creative field, your creativity can help you increase your wealth by expanding your possibilities for income. When we look at life through creative eyes, we are also more joyful and one step closer to be aligned to our true self.

If you work in a creative field -- such as graphic design, advertising or writing -- it's easy to see how enhancing your creativity can lead to increased wealth. But whatever you do for a living -- whatever your passion -- thinking creatively will help you:

- See things from other people's perspectives, which helps in sales and negotiations
- Think of creative moneymaking ideas
- Think of new ways to accomplish your objectives
- Make every day a joyous experience as you get the most out of life and use your talents to help others.

Here are five easy ways to enhance your creativity.

1. Brainstorm/mindmap - Get in the practice of thinking up crazy, fun ideas by creating mindmaps on paper, where one idea sparks another and another.

2. Open your eyes to experience the world around you. When we really look at our surroundings, it helps us see new things. As we see new things, we begin attracting new, creative ideas.

3. Be open to anything.
When we begin life as a child, our imagination knows no limits. We're all creative. As adults, our own inner voice and the voices of others, stifle our creativity. Phrases like, “That's impossible,” “That will never work,” and “That's ridiculous” cause us to impose limits on our thoughts. Stifle those inner voices and ignore those negative words when they come from others. No idea is too crazy if you believe it can be done.

4.Use Feng Shui to activate the chi in the creativity/children area of your home. When you lay the bagua out over your house or apartment's floor plan, looking into the room from the door, the children and creativity area is the section against the right wall, up to the center of the space. It is between the love and relationships and travel/helpful people sections.

To activate the chi in this area, you can hang decorative firecrackers in the space to give your imagination a “spark.” You can also use live plants to introduce living chi into the area. White flowers correspond to the element of metal, represented in this section of the bagua.

Adding a cheerful sounding metal bell or windchimes to the space also activates the chi with lively sound.

5. Use Feng Shui colors for enhanced creativity. It's hard to be creative if you're dressed in depressing grays or blacks. Rainbow colors and bright colors that follow the five-elemental color cycle will help you be more creative. Bright greens and white are also good colors for creativity. Use colors and the rest of these creativity techniques to create the life of your dreams.

What do you think?

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