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Feng Shui Flutes: 5 Ways to Change Your Life Using Bamboo Flutes

Feng Shui Bamboo FluteIn Feng Shui and Vastu, you can hang bamboo flutes to impact the energy of your house or home to welcome inner peace and a sense of safety.
Feng Shui flutes can also be used to activate the energy of a specific area of your home according the the Ba Gua. 

It doesn't cost a lot of money, either, and it blends in with the decor of almost any home or apartment.

In Feng Shui, a specific type of bamboo flute called a hsiao can activate the chi in a specific area of the ba gua.
When a hsiao or bansuri flute is cut from the root, the joints of the bamboo remain. These joints increase in size, representing step-by-step improvement (of your finances, health, family matters, marriage or romance, sense of well-being, and any other area of life represented by the bagua.)

Bamboo flutes are used in Feng Shui to achieve several other objectives, as well.

1. Focusing chi - You can use a bamboo flute to focus chi, for instance, to slow the rapid of flow of chi down a staircase and out the door, or to direct it down a little-used hallway. Use the flute as a pointer, with the mouthpiece facing up and in the direction you wish the chi to flow.

2. For protection - Bamboo offers a sense of peace when we look upon it, and also imbues a space with life-affirming chi. It is sturdy and strong, dependable yet serene and calming. Hang bamboo flutes anywhere you need support or strength, as well as peace and protection.

3. To fight negativity - In Feng Shui, bamboo flutes can ward off both negative thoughts and hurtful, negative people. If you feel as if your life's efforts and true purpose are being sabotaged by naysayers, flutes will alleviate the effect their words have on your well-being. Flutes tied with red ribbon serve especially well for this purpose.

4. To strengthen the bagua - Flutes can be used to strengthen a trigram position in the bagua when it is laid out over your home. Two flutes hung with their mouthpieces facing up at a 45-degree angle to the ceiling represent the shape of the bagua. A flute hung parallel to a wall in this manner strengthens both that area of the bagua and the adjacent area, connecting the two positions.

5. To raise chi - As outlined in this article, flutes can be used to direct uplifting chi in situations where you feel oppressed or pressured, such as in a basement apartment or an attic room with low ceilings and slanted walls.

You can also hang flutes from a beam over a bed to lessen the negative effects of sleeping beneath a beam. Flutes used for this purpose should be large. You can hang the flutes vertically, with the mouthpiece up, or at 45-degree angles, representing the octagonal shape of the bagua, at each end of the beam.

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