Ceiling Beams & Feng Shui: 3 Quick Fixes to Raise the Chi

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Ceiling Beams & Feng Shui: 3 Quick Fixes to Raise the Chi

Feng Shui Ceiling BeamsDo you feel as if you're not getting a good night's rest? When you wake up, are you still exhausted as if you haven't slept at all?

Do you suffer from headaches? Do you feel as if life is a constant treadmill, where you work and work but never get ahead? Do you have a feeling of discontent, as if something is weighing you down, but you can't pinpoint the problem?

Several structures in your house -- including ceiling beams -- could cause any of these problems and more.

Ceiling Beams Over a Bed
Ceiling beams over your bed are particularly problematic. In addition to sleep problems, a beam crossing your bed can create medical problems in the area over which the beam crosses. For instance, a beam over your head can cause headaches. A beam over your legs may lead to a leg injury, car accident, or simply a feeling that you can't move forward in life. Beams over major organs can cause illness or an overall feeling of fatigue.

Ceiling Beams Over a Desk
A ceiling beam over a desk, either in a workplace or in a home office, can block your forward movement in your career. If you pay your bills from the desk, it may feel as if you are living paycheck-to-paycheck, always playing catch up and never having enough money to save at the end of the month. You may also suffer from headaches.

Feng Shui Cures for Beams
Fortunately, since exposed ceiling beams are a common architectural feature in many homes and apartments, several Feng Shui cures are designed to alleviate the negative affects of overheard beams.

Paint - Paint the beam the same color as the ceiling to help it blend in, making it less visually (and psychologically) “pressing.” For added Feng Shui benefits, use the five-elemental color scheme in the creative or destructive cycle when you select your colors for your ceiling, walls and floors.

Flutes - Hang two bamboo flutes from the beam at 45-degree angles, suggesting the ba gua. The mouthpieces should be facing upward. You can also hang the flutes vertically with the mouthpieces facing up. Visit here to view and purchase bamboo flutes.

Fake Firecrackers - Hanging fake firecrackers -- in an auspicious red color -- will fill the space with explosive, uplifting chi. If you have beams above your desk, firecrackers will give you more energy and will “raise” the space, making you feel as if the sky's the limit on your accomplishments.

I'm curious to hear from you and your thoughts.

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This was a great article but I live in an old historic carriage house (renting) and there are beams EVERYWHERE. In our bedroom there is a pitched ceiling with beams in our kitchen there is the same pitched ceiling and then horizontal beams as well. I'd have to buy a hundred flutes or fire crackers!! LOL Are there other alternatives as well that might be more asthetically pleasing and less conspicuous?
Posted @ Wednesday, May 19, 2010 12:08 PM by Dottie
I would start with the paint option. Keep in mind that it is best to live in a space that minimizes negative features.
Posted @ Wednesday, May 19, 2010 9:41 PM by Ken Lauher
I live in Switzerland, so architecturally speaking...exposed beams and sloped ceilings are prominent in most homes. We bought a beautiful apartment but there are exposed beams and sloped ceilings in all our bedrooms! I read somewhere that fabric or canopy beds can also help with the overhead beams. Is this true? The beams are all painted to match the wall and ceiling color already, but would like to take an extra step in the nursery. I would like to also approach solving this problem in a more visually pleasing manner. I can paint the bamboo flute to match the color of the ceiling and wall ?
Posted @ Sunday, February 06, 2011 5:00 AM by Kim
Hey Ken 
Thanks for a great article! 
My boyfriend and I are looking for a new apartment and we got hooked on this one: 
I love it, BUT it has so many beams – all over. If you look at the photos (click the link) would you suggest painting it ALL white (lots of work) or is there another solution? Or is it simply to much and we shouldn’t move in there at all? 
It’s on perfect location in central Utrecht and big enough for us to lead workshops in the living room. Just don’t wanna move into a space with crappy chi  
Grateful for your feedback! 
Posted @ Sunday, January 13, 2013 10:46 AM by Ronja Andersson
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