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Best Feng Shui Colors To Paint Your House

Feng Shui Color CycleWhether you live in a suburban neighborhood or a high-rise apartment complex, your surroundings affect the fortune of your home.

In Feng Shui, color plays an important role in whether you will feel comfortable and achieve success in your home or apartment. Look next door. What do you see? How do you feel about the color of the neighboring buildings?

Use the Creative Color Cycle for Uplifting Chi

If your neighbors' homes, or the buildings adjacent to yours, are painted in colors that complement your own house or building based on the five element creative color cycle, this will bring you good fortune. However, if the neighboring building is a color that is “destructive” to your own home's color, you may find it brings down the chi in your space. It will also have negative consequences on the space next door.

If your house or apartment is the same color as neighboring buildings, the doors should have complementary colors.

What To Do About Destructive Colors

If your neighbor's homes are painted in destructive colors and you can't paint your house or change the color of your apartment building, plant a tree between the houses to block the effect of the negative chi. If you live in a condo, town house or apartments, you can plant vines to grow up the division between the spaces.

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