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Feng Shui Floor Plans: How Missing Areas In Your Floor Plan Could Impact Your Cash Flow

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Image Source: Feng Shui For Us

When you lay the bagua over the floor plan of your home or apartment, you may discover your home is not a perfect square or rectangle. This creates “additions” or “missing areas” in the bagua, which can affect many areas of your life, including your:

- fortune
- finances
- family life
- career advancement
- relationships with others
- marriage or love life
- relationship with your children
- health
- status
- ability to receive help from others... and more.

Every area of the bagua affects an important area of your life. If that area of the bagua is missing, your life will suffer in that area. On the other hand, an addition in the area can lead to increase wealth, health, social status, great relationships and more.

How Can You Tell If An Area is Missing or Enhanced?

If a segment of your floor plan extends beyond the main rectangle or square of a home and is less than 1/2 of the total length or depth of the house (depending on where the extension lies), then this is an “addition.” You will find this area of your life enhanced. You don't need to do anything about an addition, other than enjoy its effects.

You may also lay out your home to take advantage of the addition. For instance, an addition in the wealth or creativity and children area would be a good place to set up a home office. Consider placing a library or study room in an addition in the knowledge area.

You may be missing an area of the bagua if the extension on your home is greater than one half the total length or width of the house.

If the distances are equal, you can use your intuition to determine whether you have an addition or a missing area -- does the house feel like it has an extension that goes beyond the main area of the house, or does it feel as if part of the main floor plan is missing?
Also consider some of the tribulations or successes you are facing in your life. Do they point to a missing area of the bagua (for instance, are you having money problems?) Or is an area of your life enhanced?

Cures for Missing Areas

There are several Feng Shui cures for a missing area. You can hang a mirror on the wall to project into the missing area. You can shine outdoor, all-weather lights on the missing area to “fill in” that space on the bagua.

You can also enhance the living chi of that space by planting shrubs or flowers that correspond with the elemental colors of that section of the bagua. For instance, a purple lilac bush in the wealth area will “complete” that segment of the bagua and help improve your financial situation.

Do you have missing areas or extensions in your floor plan?

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