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Feng Shui Car Colors: How To Select The Best Color For Your Car Using Feng Shui

Feng Shui Car ColorsIn Feng Shui, the color of your car can have an impact on your energy, clarity and ability to take action.
By selecting the best car color for yourself can help balance and support your energy.
For instance, if you are a bit low-key and would like to inject more energy into your life, a red car will get your own internal motors revving. On the other hand, a black or gray car will calm road rage in someone who is easily excitable.

You can choose a car using the five-element destructive or creative cycle color schemes, or you can select a car based on your Chinese Zodiac sign. Unlike Western horoscopes, which rely on your month of birth to calculate your sign, the Chinese Zodiac depends on the year you were born. You can use this chart to find out your sign.

Just as elements and segments of the bagua relate to certain colors, so do Chinese zodiac animals. Choosing a color car that relates to your Chinese Zodiac sign will enhance your chi and bring good fortune.

Choosing a Color for a Shared Car

Many couples have one car that they share. You'll see from the list below that there is lots of overlap in colors that correspond to the Chinese Zodiac signs. It may be easy to select a car color that will work well with both owners.

You can also select “complementary” colors, based on the five-element color cycle, which gives you even more options to select a car color that fits both owners and that also fits your personal taste.

If you can't find a matching color, you can select a two-toned car to relate to each person's best color, or you can select a color for the primary driver and apply racing stripes or accents in the spouse's color. You can also choose an exterior to match one partner and the interior to be a good fit for the other driver.

Remember, your chi is the most important factor in selecting a color for your car. For instance, if you were born in the year of the horse but are prone to speeding tickets and need to balance your “fire” chi, don't select a red car.

Here are the colors that correspond to the 12 animals of the Chinese Zodiac:

Rat: black
Ox: black, green, dark green
Tiger: black, green, dark green
Rabbit: Green, blue
Dragon: blue, green, pink, red, purple
Snake: blue, green, pink, red, purple
Horse: red, pink
Ram: brown, red, pink
Monkey: brown, red, pink
Rooster: white
Dog: white, gray, black
Pig: white, gray, black

What color car do you currently drive? Does it complement your chi and your Chinese Zodiac sign?

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