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Five Factors That Affect Our Lives According to Chinese Philosophy

Perfect Life

Would you like to live a perfect life? Esteemed Feng Shui Grandmaster Lin Yun once said that those who want to live a perfect life may find themselves in an insane asylum.

The truth of life is that misfortune can occur. Even if you create a game plan to achieve your goals in life, your career or love, and follow that plan everyday, you may find the outcome is not what you expected.

Imagine planting a garden. You cultivate the land, plants the seeds, water them everyday, keep your garden free of weeds and make sure it has the proper amount of sun. You fully expect a crop of vegetables but instead, bugs get at the plants, leaving you with nothing but chewed up leaves.

That's because there are other factors besides free will and intention that influence our lives. Black Sect Feng Shui masters believe there are five major factors that influence our lives, along with a host of smaller ones, including our family circumstances, our responsibilities, our place in society, and our ability to give and receive help.

When we use Feng Shui to improve our lives, the arrangement of objects and use of color in a space are only part of the equation. We can also take mundane or practical steps, as well as spiritual measures, to improve our situation.

Let's explore the five factors that affect our lives according to Chinese philosophy.

  1. Fate - In spite of its definition, our fate or destiny is not immutable. By using Feng Shui, we can begin prepare for the likelihood of certain events, and take action to possibly alter our fate to a more desirable outcome.
  2. Feng Shui - How our environment affects our chi, as well as our influence on the space around us.
  3. Karma - The cause and effect of our actions. Some people view karma as, "What goes around, comes around." Karma is like the concept of a butterfly flapping its wings and causing a monsoon halfway across the world. Small actions cause profound changes -- on your life and the lives of others.
  4. Education - Education gives us knowledge and opportunities that make us better prepared to deal with whatever our fate brings.
  5. Luck - These are life's variations in fortunes, the ups and downs. To some degree, however, we can all make our own good luck by addressing the other four factors in order to prepare us for a better outcome. Let's look at the old adage, "If life gives you lemons, make lemonade." Receiving lemons represents bad luck, (in this example) but we can use our education, Feng Shui, karma, fate, and even make adjustments to our chi to create a profitable lemonade stand with those lemons.

As we learn to control the factors of our life, we can turn what we view as an "unlucky" existence into a life filled with luck, wealth and success.

So what do YOU think?

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