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Feng Shui Health: Six Common Ailments and How to Remedy Them Using Feng Shui

feng shui healthHave a sore throat? Wearing the color black, especially near or around your throat, or sipping tea with honey from a black cup, may help. That's because a sore throat is believed to be caused by too much fire chi, and black -- the color of water -- will cool the pain. Aqua and green will also soothe a sore throat.

There are very few pains and ailments that can't be alleviated, if not cured, using the powers of Feng Shui and color. You can apply "color cures" -- that is, use colors that correspond with that area of the ba gua -- to heal pain and discomfort.

Because parts of the body also correspond with each of the elements, you can choose colors that will create, enhance or complement these elements.

Here are some common ailments and the colors you should use to feel better. Of course, apply these color cures with common sense and always seek medical attention for persistent or recurring health problems. You can also use colorful, nutritious foods to fight disease and improve your health.

1. Headache - The soothing colors of pink and green will help you fight a headache, as will white and gray, which corresponds with the "helpful people" section of the ba gua.

2. Sore throat - black, aqua, green

3. Flu - Use red to cure the flu, which is a water ailment and red will "boil it out." You can also use blue and green (for hope, life and vitality).

4. Childhood illnesses - Rainbow colors

5. Stomach ache - yellow or red

6. High blood pressure - black, white, light blue or light green to "calm" your nerves. Avoid red, an agitating color. Apply the same colors for heart problems.

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