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How To Select The Best Feng Shui Location for a New Home or Business

Feng Shui lotAre you looking for land on which to build a new home or start a business? In addition to assessing the chi of the land, the health of plants and animals in the area, and the chi of your neighbors, you'll want to look at the shape of the land.

A regular shaped plot -- square or rectangle -- is best, because all sections of the bagua will be represented. A square or rectangular plot of land also gives a sense of "wholeness" to the area.
If your land is irregularly shaped, look for a plot with "additions," rather than missing segments.

If the area that sticks out is smaller than half the width or length of the rest of the plot, this is an addition and you will experience greater fortune in the area of life corresponding to the bagua addition.

For instance, a business owner may look for a plot of land with an addition in the "wealth" area for increased success. A family may find an addition in the "children" section most desirable.

Cures for "Missing" Segments of the Bagua

If your plot of land has missing segments, don't despair. You can fix these segments and bring fortune to your life using:
- Flowers planted on the property in colors that correspond with the missing segment of the bagua
- Lights that shine to "complete" that area of the property
- Trees
- Water elements such as a fountain or pond

Need help with land selection for a new home or business? During a Feng Shui consultation for land selection, I will consider all the Feng Shui factors of a property to help you find a place where your life or business will thrive for years to come.

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