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Feng Shui Children: How To Dress Your Children In Certain Colors For Greater Success

Feng Shui Children
We recently talked about how the color of your clothes can make you smarter. You can also dress your children in certain colors for greater success.

There's a reason many children's toys and room decor products are in a rainbow of primary colors -- rainbow colors give young children (grades K - 6) all the virtues represented by the five elements, giving them the strong basis for a successful life.

Middle school age children thrive in black and green, which promote wisdom and encourage benevolence, respectively. In high school, students should continue to wear these colors, as well as red to encourage reason, as their reasoning and logic skills continue to develop. If you have an irrational teenager, (and which teen isn't, at times?) light green, light blue, or dark green for benevolence, or a combination of white, black, and green.

Best Colors for Athletes, Scholars and More
If you have a child who has trouble focusing, is hyperactive, or even diagnosed with ADD or ADHD, black and brown will calm the child down, help him focus, and also enhance loyalty. The color yellow for any child will bring out loyalty, honor and honesty.

Here are a few more colors and the traits that they will encourage to balance your child's chi:

Red and green: athletic ability and coordination
White or black: Intelligence
Green or blue: benevolence or liveliness
Black: calmness, focus
Rainbow colors: spirituality

When taking tests, encourage wearing the colors of black or white as this can help with concentration, intelligence, concentration and overall test scores.

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