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How To Select The Best Flowers For Mom on Mother's Day

Feng Shui FlowersIn Feng Shui, different types of flowers have different meanings. The color of a flower can also make a difference when we talk about its effects on the chi -- the energy -- of a space.

You can use flowers to activate a specific segment of the bagua, as discussed in this article. You can also use specific types of flowers and plants -- as well as fruit trees -- to attract greater income, promote good health, or improve your fortune.

Give (Back) the Gift of Life

Your mom gave you the gift of life. Why not improve the living chi in your mom's space this Mother's Day and present her with a gift of fresh cut flowers or a plant? You may also consider giving mom live flowers or a fruit tree that she can plant as a year-long reminder of your love for her.

Selecting Flowers, a Plant or Tree for Mom

Here are a list of some flowers, plants and trees, along with their symbolism, so you can select the best gift for your mom's personality and life goals.

Peony - The beautiful and popular peony has long been a sign of luck, prosperity and elevated social status. This flower, especially in a red or purple variety, is perfect for Mom to place in the wealth corner of her home or garden.

Tree peonies - These woody shrubs, not to be confused with peony flowers, represent springtime, love and affection for beauty. The perfect gift to remind Mom how much you appreciate her.

Lotus - If your Mom is embarking on a spiritual journey, help her out with a gift of lotus flowers. Also a great gift for a spouse hoping to conceive.

Red persimmons - Is your mom the quintessential parent-preneur? Help her plant a red persimmon tree for good fortune in her new endeavors.

Apples - An apple tree represents safety and may be good for an older mom living alone, as a reminder that you are always thinking about her and her security. Plant the tree behind the house, but not touching it, for an added sense of protection.

Oranges - Want to wish your mom good fortune in everything she does? If you live in a tropical climate, an orange tree makes the perfect gift.

Evergreens and bamboo - Send Mom wishes for a long life and let her know your love for her will never die by presenting her with a small evergreen tree or potted bamboo. You can also use a small bamboo plant to activate the wealth or career segment of a desk, at work or at home.

Whatever plant, flower or tree you select for Mom this Mother's Day, make sure the leaves are bright green, lush and healthy in order to ensure your gift will infuse the space with positive chi.

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