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Feng Shui Flowers: How To Attract Positive People & Wealth into Your Life with Flowers

Feng Shui FlowersHave you begun planting your garden for this year yet? Even though April showers supposedly bring May flowers, it's not too late.  If you live in an apartment, you can use flower boxes for the same effect as a full-fledged garden. Fresh flowers enliven a space and activate the chi in a given area.

You can also use flowers of different colors to improve different areas of your life. When you lay the Feng Shui Bagua over your plot of land, you will see how different areas of your yard or home relate to different areas of your life. Similarly, different colors relate to the sections of the Bagua. To activate a particular sector, say wealth or helpful people, plant flowers of a corresponding color in that corner.

You can use this technique of adding colorful flowers to your property, home or even inside your apartment to:

- increase your wealth
- do better in school
- advance your career
- attract helpful people in your life

The Power of White Flowers
How do you achieve these results? Use the color that relates to the section of the bagua you wish to activate. For instance, if you desire to expand your social network with people who have the skill -- and desire -- to help you in your business, plant white flowers in the helpful people section of your yard, place them in a room of your home or apartment that corresponds with the helpful people section of the bagua.

White also corresponds with children, so planting white flowers in the section of your yard that corresponds with children can help a couple increase their fertility to conceive a child. White flowers in that corner of your home or yard can also bring good fortune to your children and improve your relationship with them.

Increase Your Wealth with Flowers
Similarly, violets or other purple flowers in the wealth corner can help you increase your income, as blue, purple and red are colors for wealth. Imagine the results of planting red roses, violets and lavender bushes in the wealth corner of your home, or in a flower box or placing in the wealth corner of your apartment? Not only do these colors look beautiful together, but you'll attract wealth to your home with positive living chi.

Attract Love with Flowering Plants

A single person hoping to attract love can activate the marriage corner of the home or apartment with white, pink and red flowers. If you want year-long positive results when you plant flowers, keep blooming seasons in mind. You may need to plant different flowers at different times of the year in order to ensure year-round success.

Will you be purchasing flowers this week? Is so, what colors?

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