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Feng Shui Colors To Help You Achieve Your Goals & Improve Your Luck

Feng Shui ColorsFeng Shui Colors play an important role in helping you achieve your goals, improve your luck and attract success in your career or business. Feng Shui colors including red, purple, yellow, green, blue, black, gray, brown, tan, orange, pink and peach strengthen your energy and achieve your goals.
We know that colors play an important role in Feng Shui. Colors can be used to activate a “missing section” of the bagua in a home or apartment. Colors can be used strategically in your wardrobe for greater fortune, increased wealth, or to enhance your persuasive or sales powers.
Painting different rooms of your house in auspicious colors, or using the five-element color cycle, can improve many different areas of your life, and help you attract love, money or success.

But what do specific colors symbolize? Keep in mind that many colors have cultural connotations. For instance, a green hat in China symbolizes marital infidelity. White symbolizes death in China, but U.S.-based brides wear white to symbolize purity. In China, brides consider red to be the most auspicious color.

These guidelines will help you select the best colors to strengthen your chi and achieve your goals in romance, your career, finances, spirituality and more.

Red - The Chinese consider this color one of the most auspicious. Full of fire energy, red is stimulating, powerful and persuasive.

Purple - Purple is as auspicious as red, with the added connotation of money and power.

Yellow - While people in the U.S. often interpret yellow to symbolize cowardice, in Feng Shui yellow or gold is associated with royalty and wisdom. It is not as “high energy” as red, but it represents, tolerance, patience and wisdom -- worthy attributes for leaders.

Green - Like the springtime grass, green represents hope and freshness. A great color for a kitchen or bedroom, it can be both energizing and tranquil, depending on the shade.

Blue - Like green, blue is associated with the element of wood and therefore symbolizes growth and hope. Blue hospital gowns have a calming effect on patients and represent the hope of recovery.

Black - The ultimate in “yin” energy, black creates a sense of depth in mood and perspective. People may don this color for wisdom. Too much yin energy, though, can lead to depression, so people who are naturally “down” should avoid this color.

Gray - The perfect blending of black and white (yin and yang), gray can symbolize the ultimate balance. However, it can also take on characteristics of black and represent hopelessness (as in a gray and dreary day.) Use your instincts when applying this color -- does it feel uplifting and balanced or drab and depressing?

Brown - Symbolizing the depth and roots of wood, brown conveys a sense of permanence and stability. On the other hand, it can also create a heavy, weighed-down feeling. Dark brown can also represent the element of water and take on the yin characteristics of the color black.

Tan - Unlike dark brown, tan is an “earth” color, representing re-birth and possibility growing out of hopelessness.

Orange - Like red and yellow, orange is an auspicious fire color, designed to energize a space.

Pink - A softer shade of red, pink often represents love, joy, and romance. If red is fiery hot passion, pink is pure love and affection.

Peach - An important color in Feng Shui, this blending of pink, red, and orange can be auspicious, as in peach blossom luck. It is a social color, attracting friends and lovers. It is a good color for a single person's bedroom if they hope to attract love. However, peach in a married couple's bedroom could lead to infidelity.

Which colors do you most identify with right now? Which colors are lacking in your life, and would adding them to your home or wardrobe help you achieve your goals?

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