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6 Ways To Select the Best Feng Shui Locations for Your Business

feng shui officeStarting a business? Relocating? You can use Feng Shui for land selection to get your business off to the most favorable start.

When choosing the optimal place for your business, consider:

- the land
- the building itself (if you're not building a new structure)
- the surrounding buildings and land features
- the energy (chi) you experience on the site
- the previous occupants

Just as when you're selecting a house or apartment and you consider the lifestyle, challenges and strong points of the previous occupants, when you're buying land you want to think about how well previous businesses did in that space. Why did the previous tenant leave?

There's always that one business site in a strip mall or neighborhood that never does well, regardless of who moves in. Signs rotate from “For Lease” to “Grand Opening.” Shortly after, the dreaded “Going out of Business Sale” sign appears and very soon, it's back to “For Lease.” Avoid this space.

Making the Six Harmonies Work for You

Roman architect Vitruvius outlined “six harmonies” of architecture in his text “The Ten Books of Architecture.” Let's look at these harmonies and see how they relate to land and building selection for a place of business.

1. Order

Large and small architectural elements should correspond, creating a sense of organization. Similarly, you can use repetition and variation to “double” desirable features in the terrain with architectural elements.

2. Arrangement

This relates to the land: the ground plan, elevation and perspective. Selecting a site with strong Earth chi ensures safety (security), fertility (for the birth of new ideas), and the flow of money into the business for prosperity.

3. Eurythmy

Use the center line of the land to direct the flow of chi if you build a new structure. Coordinate the aspects of the building so height, width and length create beauty.

4. Symmetry

This ties in with eurythmy but refers to an appropriate standard of scale, so that small parts of a building (such as windows, porticos and adornments) are in harmony and repeat in different areas of the building.

5. Propriety

This is particularly important for business owners selecting a site with an existing structure. The style should suit the nature of the business. Using natural light and geographical structures also comes into play.

6. Economy

Use common sense to manage your costs and make sure a new building or existing structure fits town or city codes and requirements. For instance, if you open a retail outlet in a space that was previously a restaurant, you may sense an incongruity in the structure which could hurt your business.

Building Green
While it wasn't a consideration in Vitruvius' day, economy also includes building “green,” implementing renewable energy sources and other green building practices when practical. Many times, business owners discover green materials cost less in the long run. Respect for earth throughout the building process and preserving natural resources promotes positive chi and, in the long run, reduces costs for business owners.

Need Help with Land or Office Selection?

By making the investment to be sure you've selected the best spot for your business, you can move forward with confidence. Land, office and site selection for businesses is one of many consultation services I offer as a Feng Shui expert. If you are starting a business or relocating your office, retail or hospitality space, please give me a call for help in selecting a space to help with your overall success.

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