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Feng Shui Clothing Colors: How The Color Of Your Clothes Can Make You Smarter

Feng Shui Clothing ColorsIn Feng Shui, clothing and the colors of your clothes can impact your personal energy and ability to focus.
Feng Shui clothing colors can be implemented to play up your strengths (and counteract your weak areas) when we need it most. Review these Feng Shui clothing tips for attracting success.
To create success in your life and business, you want to play up your strengths. This means selecting a career or business that permits you to do what you love and use your talents. We can also use Feng Shui color cures to play up our strengths (and counteract our weak areas) when we need it most.

In the article “What Feng Shui Element Are You?” we discussed the traits associated with the different elements. Each element also corresponds to a virtue which, in turn, corresponds to a color. If you want to play up a particular virtue, you can wear the color associated with that element. You can further strengthen that virtue in yourself by also wearing the color's complementary colors as accents.

If you have weaknesses, (real or perceived) downplay those weaknesses with colors associated with the opposite strengths. In other words, if you feel less-than-knowledgeable about a specific topic and want to learn more, wear black (the color of wisdom) as you study the topic. This will improve your mental acuity. Black, green or white, (which both complement black) are also good colors for students or anyone who wants to enhance his intelligence.

How to Adjust Your Chi with Colors

You can also wear colors in direct contrast to your personality in order to balance your chi. If you're quiet and withdrawn, go shopping and stock your closet with more cheerful colors -- add a bit of red to your wardrobe in order to add some fire to your personality.

On the other hand, if you come across as overbearing, loud, or a little too full of energy for some people (or in some situations), and you dislike these traits in yourself, wear more muted colors like beige and various pastels.

How Would You Like to Be Viewed Today?

Let's look at some common virtues and the colors that can enhance those traits and balance your chi for greater success. Keep in mind, balancing your chi with these colors also alters your psychological profile -- how others perceive you, as well as how you perceive yourself.

You can also use these virtues to counteract your weaknesses -- for instance, wood (green and blue) corresponds with benevolence or humanity. If you perceive yourself as selfish and wish to be more giving, add these colors to your wardrobe.

Truthfulness, Faith - The virtues of honesty and faith (in yourself, in others, and even in a higher power), are represented by Earth and the colors yellow, orange and brown. Therefore, to alleviate dishonesty, paranoia, or being overly sensitive, wear these colors.

Decorum, Courtesy - These virtues are linked to the element of fire. If you feel you have a tendency to be selfish or insensitive to others and want to change this about yourself, add more red to your wardrobe.

Benevolence, humanity - These desirable traits correspond to the element of wood and the colors green and blue. If you have a tendency to be opportunistic, to anger quickly, or to be inflexible, blue and green will balance your chi. Green and light blue will also ground your thoughts in reality if you tend to be absentminded. Green, being the color of wood, also represents “roots” or grounding, and can help people rest, relax, or even fall asleep. That's why it's a favored color for a bedroom.

Righteousness - White, corresponding to the element of metal, is the color of righteousness. To increase your moral compass, especially when it comes time to make an important decision, wear something white.

Wisdom - Black, associated with water, enhances wisdom or knowledge. You can also combine black with other colors (like green or blue) to alleviate certain problems, like a hot temper or inflexibility such as the example in the picture above of Deepak Chopra in a black shirt and blue jeans. A sense of wisdom, combined with calmness and humanity, will come to the forefront of your personality.

Colors play an important role in our lives and, in the ancient traditions of Feng Shui, in balancing our chi. 

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