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The Feng Shui of Nicolas Cage's Bel-Air Mansion

Nicolas Cage Bel-Air Home

Let's just say that you have $12.75 million laying around the house, would you purchase the 1940 Bel-Air estate that Nicolas Cage previously owned?

Some of the highlights of this impressive 11,817 square foot mansion include a central tower, custom wine cellar, 35-seat home theater, six bedrooms and nine bathrooms. There is a brick paved motor court and a swimming pool.

Here are 3 reasons why I would NOT buy this home from a Feng Shui point of view:

1. Financial Difficulty: The ivy growing on the facade may give it an old world look and feel but from a Feng Shui stand point, this means that the energy is being choked and drained from the house. As a result, this will lead to financial difficulty.

2. Ill Health: With the overgrown ivy facade, this can also lead to health issues and mental instability.

3. Predecessor Chi:
With homes, apartments and property, there is something that we refer to as predecessor chi, which is the pattern of those that lived or occupied the space previously as it may help you understand what you may be in for if you occupy the space.

So be sure to ask questions to understand:
-    Was a single person living in the space and did they move in with their significant other,
-    Was it a couple and were they happy or did they separate
-    Was there financial difficulty or prosperity
-    Are they upgrading or downgrading for their next home
-    Did they raise kids in the space
-    What was the health of the occupants
-    Any type of physical, emotional or drug related abuse
-    Was the home in foreclosure

Cage recently lost the home at a foreclosure auction earlier this month when it failed to generate any bids (starting bid $10.4 million) and ownership reverted to Citibank. The foreclosing lender was one of six holding a total of $18 million in loans on the English Tudor. It had been marketed as high as $35 million.

These 3 points are good enough reasons for me to not want to look any further. However, if you want to learn more and see additional photos of the estate, visit The Huffington Post.

You know, if you'd like some help with home, apartment or land selection, go ahead and visit here and we can talk about working on your project together.

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