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Feng Shui Interviewing Tips: How To Feng Shui Your Clothes to Land a New Job

Feng Shui Guide
In the article “Best Clothing Colors For Your Career” we talked about the elements associated with various career paths. You can enhance your personal chi by dressing in clothing that matches your business.

But when you need to reinforce your chi for an important occasion -- a critical business meeting or a job interview -- you can also employ the five-elemental color cycle in a creative or destructive sequence.

Choose Your Colors
When you use this Feng Shui method to enhance your personal chi with your clothing, you can use three, four or five colors. In a three color sequence, you would consider your shoes, pants (or skirt) and top or even the pants or skirt, belt, and top (or the reverse for the destructive cycle). If you want to employ five colors, you'd begin with the shoes, include a belt and work up to a hat, scarf or necklace.

You have some leeway in the aspects of your clothing you use when employ the five elemental sequence. For the creative sequence, start from the bottom and work your way up. For the destructive sequence, begin at the top, with the first color/element “destroying” the one below it.

Don't Forget Aesthetics
If you looked at a the color chart for the color sequences, they would not all be aesthetically pleasing. You can use the color schemes as a guide to select shades of colors that complement each other. You can also consider employing the complementary colors as accent pieces--on a tie or the trim of a blouse or sweater, for instance.

Blue and green are the best colors to include for anyone on a job interview, or you can match your outfit to the colors that best fit your career.

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