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Feng Shui Chi: 3 Ways to Raise The Chi In Your Home & Environment

Feng Shui Plants
You can use life forces to adjust the chi around you. A life force is anything with vitality -- plants, trees, or animals. Homes with pets often have free-moving chi, as the pets help circulate it. Pets can also activate a particular corner of a room if they make that their favorite dwelling place.

Pets aren't for everyone. There are lower maintenance ways to balance chi using life force -- even a computer screen saver that shows moving images of forests, oceans or animals works well to balance chi or activate a specific corner.

Here are three other ways you can activate the chi using life force energy.

Bonsai plants - Bonsai contain years of cultivated power, making them strong forms of life force. Before you buy a bonsai -- or if you are growing it yourself from a sapling -- make sure it is created and formed through cultivation and care, not torture. Don't bind your bonsai plant's branches with wire to make it grow a particular way. Instead, carefully trim its branches, forming your ideal design with time. Bonsai often represent new hope and, because of the power of their energy, can help sick people recover even better than regular plants or flowers.

Flowers - Flowers don't live long, but can beautify a space and add positive, uplifting energy instantly. Discard old flowers as soon as they begin showing signs of death and decay. Keep flowers fresh, and maintain the positive chi in the space by bringing in a new bouquet when you get rid of an older one.

Fish Tanks - Chinese restaurants often showcase fish tanks with brightly colored fish, optimally placed in the wealth corner of the business. Doctor and dentist offices also use fish tanks to relax patients. You can use this method in your home, apartment or office, as well, to encourage relaxation and wealth flowing toward you. Place the fish tank at eye level so that you and others can see it easily.

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