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3 Feng Shui Ways To Use Plants For Creating Positive Changes

Feng Shui Plants For Home

It's spring, and the perfect time to dress up your house with a few potted plants or live flowers. Perhaps you received Easter lilies from visitors last week, or hit the sales at your local home improvement garden center to find plants that thrive in spring's warm sun.

In Feng Shui, plants are often used as cures, to fill in “missing areas” of the ba-gua and for general health improvement. Because plants release oxygen and use the carbon dioxide we release into the air from breathing, their health benefits are not just symbolic -- they are very real.

Plants, like any other living thing, including pets, help the chi circulate through a space. Even if you opt for fake plants (high-end silk plants are best), you'll still see the Feng Shui benefits as long as they are placed properly.

Plants to Soften Sharp Angles
When a room has an odd, acute angle, or a sharp-cornered column, you can lessen the “poison arrow” effect by placing a plant in the corner or in front of the column, respectively.

Plants to Slow Chi
When you wish to slow down fast-rushing chi, such as long hallway  or when a window and multiple doorways line up (creating a tunnel effect), use plants to disperse the chi more evenly. You can place the plant in the window or between the door and window. For a long hallway, you can stagger the plants along the wall.

Plants and the Ba Gua
You can use plants to resolve a missing section of the bagua by hanging the plant outside in the “missing” space or inside adjacent to the missing area. If you want to enhance a particular aspect of your life (for instance, health, wealth or creativity), hang or set plants in the corresponding section of the bagua.

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