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Feng Shui Colors to Change the 6 Major Areas of Your Life

Feng Shui Wall ColorsWalk into a bright, cheery room and you feel energized. When you enter a gray or drab office, with dull beige walls, you might feel uninspired.

It's no secret that colors affect our moods profoundly if we let them. By being aware of different colors and the emotions they evoke, we can either change our surroundings to create joyful moods or -- if that is not possible -- at least make a concerted effort to find an inner peace, regardless of the colors around us.

Ideally, each room of our home or office will be painted in a palette that uses the Five-Elemental Color Cycles and makes us feel good when we enter.

Colors and Culture
Some colors hold universal appeal, such as “lucky” orange blossom peach and bright, primary colors often used in children's rooms. Others have cultural connotations. When using Feng Shui to decorate your home, it's important to keep cultural norms in mind.

For instance, in the U.S., we view white as a sign of purity, while the Chinese view white as a symbol of mourning. Red, on the other hand, is an auspicious color in China and you'll often see Chinese brides wearing red. 

Colors in Feng Shui affect six major areas of our lives:

- transportation
- shelter
- clothing
- leisure activities
- food
- personal cultivation (including spirituality, education and prenatal influence)

By understanding the symbolism behind different colors and how each color corresponds to the elements, you can use color to balance your chi and create positive change in these areas of your life.

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