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How Bridges and Roof Lines Affect The Feng Shui Of Your Home

Shui doesn't begin and end with your house and the property lines. The structures surrounding your home, from the street you live on to neighboring buildings, affect the chi of your property, as well.

Since it's difficult to change these factors, you may want to consider them before buying a house or moving into a new space. It's important to use your instincts and intuition as well as Feng Shui principles to determine whether a nearby bridge will have a positive or negative influence on your home and its inhabitants.

Likewise, the shape of your roof lines and your neighbors' roof lines can affect the chi within your home. 

Bridges and Feng Shui
The affect of a bridge on your home has to do with its specific placement as well as the way it makes you feel. If a bridge gives the impression of carrying good fortune to you, it will. On the other hand, if a bridge evokes a sense of pressure, this could adversely affect your finances. Typically, a bridge passing directly over your home is not good.

If a bridge points directly at your property, this could cause difficulties and obstacles in your life. If the bridge is parallel to your house, this is better. Bridges linking ponds and other natural elements are usually auspicious.

Roof lines and Feng Shui
slanted bedroom wallIf you have a steep roof line on your house, and the room inside have slanted walls as a result, you may wish to dormer out the roof to create straight walls, otherwise people who spend a lot of time in those rooms may feel a sense of pressure or being weighed down.

If a neighbor's roof ridge points at your house, you may also feel that sense of pressure on your home, a heaviness that drains your energy and makes career advancement and educational development feel difficult. It may also cause health problems, accidents, or misfortune. A ba gua mirror placed on the roof to reflect the roof ridge will lift the chi up, alleviating this sensation of oppression.

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