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How To Use Feng Shui to Create a Happy Home and Healthy Body

Feng Shui Health

In Feng Shui terms, our home is a direct reflection of our body and, therefore, our health. It is also an expression of our psychological and spiritual state. In this way, Feng Shui affects and reflects our:

- environment
- body
- mind

If the passageways of our home or apartment are blocked -- by clutter or due to bad design -- we may feel stuck in our lives, unable to advance in our careers or to even get out of our own way.

When we maintain a space, keeping it clean and orderly, we send a powerful transcendental message to the universe that we are ready to accept abundance in every area of our life. In a mundane and practical sense, keeping a home or apartment neat and clean makes us always ready to welcome guests and makes us feel more calm, relaxed and organized.

We can look at the parts of the home as corresponding to parts of the human body, where:

- the electrical wiring is our circulatory system

- the plumbing corresponds to the human body's plumbing -- “bad pipes” in the home may create infertility issues with a couple

- walls represent our skin

- the front left and right of the house or apartment represents your hands

- the roof ridge pole, a main support structure in a house, represents both the human back and head

- the front door may represent the head but can also represent the birth canal, especially if a woman in the home or apartment is pregnant.

We can also apply the eight trigrams of the ba gua to main parts of the human body.

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