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How Spring Cleaning Can Improve The Feng Shui In Your Home

Feng Shui Clutter Cleaning

Black Sect Feng Shui deals in both the mundane as well as the emotional and spiritual. Feng Shui consultants use intuition to assess the flow of chi through a space, and, if we find a home unsuitable, seek ways to remedy problems. We also emphasize the importance of intention when we implement a specific Feng Shui cure.

It is with this intention in mind that it's important to talk about clearing clutter from a space -- and what better time to think about spring cleaning than the start of spring?

Benefits of Reducing Clutter
A clean and uncluttered home makes guests feel welcome and makes its inhabitants comfortable. It's often easier to think clearly in a neat and organized room -- and that includes the desk in your home office.

Clutter represents stagnant, confused chi. It may be difficult to make a decision in a cluttered home, or even to make positive moves toward growth and personal development. Our clutter also has our emotions tied to it. We may not want to let go of it for emotional reasons -- and that leads to our feeling “stuck” in our life.

Good Feng Shui is characterized by free-flowing chi -- not too fast, and not too slow. If a human being can't walk across a room because furniture is filling the space with no wide pathways or toys, books, and random clutter blocks the path, the chi can't flow freely either.

Clutter in Your Attic, Basement or Garage
When we own a home, we tend to place objects we don't use -- or intend to some day throw away -- in our attic, garage or basement. Even if we can't see it, this clutter can weigh us down.

Clutter in the Bedroom, Kitchen and Entryway
Clutter in these three areas is the worst of all when it comes to free-flowing chi and Feng Shui, because these three areas of the home are the most important in Feng Shui. Clutter in the bedroom can prevent a good night's sleep.

In Feng Shui, the kitchen represents our career success and how others perceive us -- getting rid of clutter in this area and always making sure appliances (especially the stove) are clean, can lead to increased wealth and career success.

Our entryway creates a first impression and affects the chi that flows through the rest of the house. If the chi is blocked by clutter at your front door, it can't move freely through the rest of your home in a positive, life-affirming way.

How to Clear the Clutter
Begin by sorting through your belongings. Does everything serve a purpose? That purpose may simply be that it makes you happy -- that's okay. Objects that don't serve a practical purpose or bring you joy when you see them should go. Recycle, donate or, if you truly can't find a use for it and don't think anyone else can, either, throw it away.

With the remaining objects, find a place for everything and put it there. Keep everyday items in easy to reach places. Store clothes and other objects used seasonally neatly in closets, the attic or garage, where you can find them easily when you need them.

When you're finished using something, put it back. It really is as simple as that to keep clutter at bay and let chi flow freely through your home.

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