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Understand The Feng Shui of a House Before You Buy Your New Home

feng shui buy a house

In Feng Shui, buying a house or selecting a new home, townhouse or apartment to live in, it's important to understand who lived there and what they may have experienced while they lived in the home. Understanding if someone died in the home or the couple divorced is important to know before you buy.
When buying a house or selecting a new place to live, it's important to consider the people who lived there previously. In fact, this should be your top points to ask about or research prior to considering a purchase of a new home.

But assessing the Earth chi in a space, the natural elements that surround the home, can also provide insight about whether a home will be auspicious, attracting good fortune for the people who live there -- or not.

Here are some ways to assess the Earth chi surrounding a home before you make the decision to move in. Consider each of these factors, along with your overall impressions of the home as you approach the property and then enter through the front door.

Animals - Look around at the animals in the neighborhood and on the property. Many animals we consider good luck or bad luck (like a black cat) are based on cultural biases. Deer, in most cultures, are considered auspicious. Even more telling than their species is the overall health of the animals you see. For instance, if you see a neighborhood cat, it should be well-fed, have a clean, healthy coat and be full of energy. Sick, dull, listless animals could be a warning.

Plants - Trees and other vegetation should be lush and green in spring and summer, healthy in winter and fall. Is the lawn thick and green and full of life, or yellow, brown and dead -- if there's a lawn at all.

A yard that's primarily dirt or dead grass could be indicative of underground water problems or unhealthy chi. Compare the state of the vegetation to neighboring properties for a good idea of the overall chi of the space.

People - We are what we see, and we become what we are surrounded by. When we look at our five closest friends, we see a reflection of ourselves.

Look at your potential neighbors and decide, “Is this the type of person I would like to become, too?” Is the neighborhood filled with successful professionals or families struggling to make it? Is homelessness prevalent in the area or is the town thriving? You can tell a lot by looking at the conditions of the surrounding homes, but it's even better if you have the opportunity to meet your neighbors before moving in.

Events - As you evaluate the people, you also want to evaluate the events that have affected them in the recent past. Has the neighborhood been home to a lot of robberies, deaths, or car accidents? Are houses on either side in foreclosure or facing that possibility?

Look for a neighborhood with low crime rates and few inauspicious events, such as house fires, flooding, robberies, accidents or divorce. Seek out an area where your neighbors enjoy their lives with good health, wealth, happiness and upward mobility.

Spiritual events -  As you evaluate the overall Feng Shui of a property, also consider the “signs” you receive while you are there. Oddly synchronous positive events could indicate good fortune should you choose to move in, while events you view as “bad omens” could be a sign to run away. Signs may be open to interpretation, but some will be universal.

For instance, if you approach a home to find someone blocking the space where you intended to park, a dead bird on the porch, and then the key breaks as you try to enter the home, it could be this is not the home for you.

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