Feng Shui Placement of the Stove to Increase Income

Feng Shui Kitchen stoveAn island layout promotes the flow of chi through the kitchen. When the stove is placed on the island so the cook stands in the command position, a family should enjoy wealth and good relationships.

Additionally, you should not be able to see the stove from your front door, even if the view is through two doors (or through an empty door). Placing a mirror behind the stove can cure this problem.

In fact, placing a mirror behind a stove offers a number of benefits:

- If you can see the burners in the mirror, your income will increase, as the affect of the burners is doubled -- or more than doubled.

- Mirrors behind the stove help the cook see anyone entering the room. If someone sneaks up behind a cook and he becomes startled, that fright can makes it way into the meal, diminishing the quality of the food and hurting those who eat it.

- Mirrors behind the stove simulate the command position, similar to the way a mirror on the wall in front of a desk can increase that person's income and job security.

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