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The Best Feng Shui Foods for Your Heart, Lungs and More

Feng Shui Diet

Vegetables and whole grains are often advertised as “heart-healthy foods.” But did you know that, according to ancient Chinese medicine, red peppers, tomatoes, and even shrimp in moderation may also help improve heart health?

According to Chinese medicine and Feng Shui philosophies, an imbalance of yin or yang in a body may contribute to health problems or disease. Therefore, eating complementary foods to re-create a balance of yin and yang can help cure disease.

The five elements correspond to the five visceral organs. Eating foods in the color that represent the element corresponding to the organ you wish to treat, along with the mutually creative colors as accents in the meal.

Here is a list of the five visceral organs, all crucial to good health, the elements they correspond to, and the colors represented by each:

Heart --> Fire --> Red
Spleen --> Earth --> Yellow
Lungs --> Metal --> White
Liver --> Wood --> Green
Kidney --> Water --> Black

Food Combinations to Eat for Better Health

If you want to improve the health of a particular organ, prepare meals that employ the colors corresponding to the organ you wish to heal. You can use this technique as preventative medicine -- for better heart-health, for instance -- or to assist in curing illnesses affecting that organ. It's important to use these recommendations in conjunction with conventional or alternative medical treatments.

Use common sense. Lobster, as a red food, positively affects the heart, but it's also high in cholesterol and many people eat it dipped in butter -- that's not healthy at all. As a whole, eat healthy, colorful and nutritious foods. When you combine the food of a specific elemental color with foods in the colors of its complementary creative colors, you'll also be creating a well-balanced meal in every sense. For instance, a good meal for heart health might be a dish of fresh ripe tomatoes with a small portion of pasta (yellow/orange/tan) and green peppers.

Here are some more meal suggestions to treat the five specific organs:

Color: yellow/orange/tan
Accent colors: red, white
Meal: A stir fry dish with orange and yellow vegetables like squash and carrots, along with red peppers and mixed with a small portion of white rice.

Color: White
Accent colors: yellow/orange/tan, black/dark brown
Meal: chicken with brown rice and black beans

Color: black/dark brown
Accent colors: white, green/blue
Meal: Beef or eggplant with white rice and green beans or broccoli

Color: green/blue
Accent Colors: black/dark brown, red
Meal: A leafy green or spinach salad with red ripe tomatoes and black beans or small slices of beef.

Color: Red
Accent colors: blue/green, yellow/orange/tan
Meal: A fruit dish of strawberries, accented with orange sections and green grapes or blueberries

* This advice is not meant to diagnose or treat any illness. Consult a physician for any illness or suspected illness.

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