Use the Feng Shui Five-Element Color Cycle to Change your Life

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Use the Feng Shui Five-Element Color Cycle to Change your Life

We recently discussed how to use the five-element color cycle to Feng Shui your home. Sometimes, it's not aesthetically pleasing to include five colors in a particular order in your home. The space may look too cluttered with that many colors, you may not have five spaces that require color, or the combination of five colors may clash.

You can actually employ the “five-element color cycle” using three, four or five colors -- and you can use them in two different orders, the creative or destructive cycle. Furthermore, in some cases an element is represented by multiple colors. And, don't forget you can always use shades of a specific color to create an appealing look.

Five Elements

For instance, red represents fire, but pink can also represent the element in the five-element cycle. The “black” of water is also represented by gray, and the blue and green of wood encompasses a broad range of beautiful colors you can use anywhere you need to employ the wood element in a creative or destructive cycle.

This give us a lot of leeway when we do a Feng Shui consultation to find a balance between using the five-element color cycle to balance the chi and creating an aesthetically pleasing, comfortable space.

How can a five-element cycle use three or four colors?
When you decide to use only three or four colors in a creative or destructive cycle, begin with any one of the five elements and colors. Decide whether you are employing the creative or destructive cycle -- remember, both help balance the chi of a space. The destructive cycle is not bad.

Like a tree growing upward to the sky with its roots firmly in the ground, the creative cycle begins from the bottom and moves upward. The destructive cycle, on the other hand, is like a flower wilting and falling to the ground, returning to the earth where it began as a seed.

In a cycle using three colors, make sure to begin from the bottom (creative cycle) or the top (destructive cycle) and work your way down or up. In other words, the middle color should be created by the bottom color and should feed the top color. In a destructive cycle, the middle color would be destroyed by the top color and would destroy the bottom color.

When you're using three colors, you may wish to decide on the middle color first and use it as the predominant shade in a room or area. The other two colors may be used as accents.

When you use four colors in the five-element creative cycle, begin, again, with whichever element or color you want, and follow the cycle up or down.

You can use the five-element cycle in your:
- home
- home's exterior
- car... and more.

This is a powerful Feng Shui tool to improve your life and can be used for:

- career advancement
- attracting wealth
- leading negotiations
- attracting love
- becoming unstuck in your life... and more.

Does your home employ the Feng Shui five-elemental cycle in any of its room or on its exterior? Where can you add or change certain colors in order to create the five-element cycle?

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Thank you so much again for your attention and I look forward to sharing more great Feng Shui tips to help you discover how Feng Shui transforms your life.

With love and compassion,

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It's great!!!!! 
You deserve a gold medal. 
god may bless you and yr family.
Posted @ Wednesday, March 24, 2010 9:02 AM by jen
well i am doing a progect on colours and you website is great i go an a thanx to you
Posted @ Friday, April 29, 2011 1:43 AM by callie ashford
I am totally confused. How does one ever get the colours right for an interview by what you have said. I simply don't understand how or why one would use a destructive cycle and how does one ever get a productive cycle....wearing blue with a contrast but that means blue shoes as well!!! Because it apparently must start from the bottom...please help!
Posted @ Thursday, November 10, 2011 9:22 PM by Margaret
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