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Feng Shui Your Health with Foods in the Elemental Colors

Feng Shui Your Health

Did you celebrate the start of spring with a backyard cook-out or a family get-together? Inviting people into your home for a fun gathering is a great way to increase the positive chi in your space -- especially if you add music and good food.

The Black Sect Feng Shui philosophy places great importance on a balanced diet as it relates to both health and ritual. Food should not only provide proper, balanced nutrition, but it should also appeal to the senses, especially as they pertain to a food's:

- color (sight)
- fragrance (smell)
- flavor (taste)

Apply the Five-Element Cycle in Your Meal

You can apply the colors of the five-element cycle to the foods you eat to create a more balanced -- and visually appealing -- diet. Pleasing colors attract our chi, enticing us to eat specific foods in just the right quantities.

Chinese or Japanese stir fry, where white chicken may contrast the bright green of snow peas and deep red of peppers, is a good example of this. Dousing the food in soy sauce so it all appears the same color will make it less appetizing.

When you're planning a meal, it's good Feng Shui -- and good nutrition -- to serve foods in a variety of colors, minimizing whites and browns and other drab colors. The healthiest foods -- crisp green vegetables, bright red apples -- are also the most colorful.

You can also make food more appealing by serving it on bright and colorful plates and paying attention to artistic presentation. Most importantly, take time to focus on the look, scent and taste of your food as you eat, truly appreciating every bite.

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