How to Use Wind Chimes in Feng Shui for Career Advancement and More

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How to Use Wind Chimes in Feng Shui for Career Advancement and More


Feng Shui Wind ChimeIn Black Sect Feng Shui, we use wind chimes for a number of cures. The right sounds can effectively adjust the chi of a space, promoting positive attention and improving our mood. You can affect different areas of your life -- including your career and your reputation -- by hanging wind chimes in different rooms or different areas of the ba gua.

Additionally, wind chimes hung between a front door and a staircase, which may result in money rapidly leaving a home, can slow the flow of chi and improve your finances.

Any wind chimes you select to hang for a Feng Shui cure should:
- have metal tubes that produce a clean, sweet, clear sound
- use five tubes to represent the Five Elements
- be pleasing for you to look at and not out of place with your home's decor.

Let's look at how wind chimes can help you improve the different areas of your life, including your:
- Career
- Fame & Reputation
- Energy
- Income
- Wisdom
- Relationships
ba gua
Fame: Wind chimes hung in the fame and recognition area of the ba gua can help enhance your reputation and promote career growth by calling attention to the gifts you have to offer the world.

Wisdom: Wind chimes hung in the wisdom and learning portion of the trigram (when you lay the ba gua over a single room or your whole house) can promote clear thinking and improve your intellect.

Career: If you lack energy, even after waking up from a full night's sleep, and have already ensured your bed is in the command position of the room, hang wind chimes in the center of your bedroom. This can help fight depression and give you the energy to pursue your goals.

Relationships with others: A view of your stove from the front door creates dangerous chi that could provoke fights, arguments, accidents and also negatively affect your family's health. Place wind chimes at the front door or over the stove -- or anywhere between the door and the stove -- to counteract these negative affects.

As you can see, since all areas of our lives are tied together, hanging wind chimes in certain areas of your home can enhance your career, fame, reputation, relationships with others, and even increase your income.

Other Sounds to Adjust the Chi in Your Home: You can also introduce other sounds into your home to adjust the chi.
- Bells
- Singing
- Playing music (different types according to your mood)
- Whistling
- Hosting friends for a karaoke party enlivens a space

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Thank you so much again for your attention and I look forward to sharing more great Feng Shui tips to help you discover how Feng Shui transforms your life.

With love and compassion,

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I lived in an apt with a terrace. 
The chimes are outside on the terrace outside the window(kitchen window) 
We can hear the chimes throughout the apt.
Posted @ Thursday, March 18, 2010 9:34 AM by Loree
Ken, First of all, I can identify with this posting, but have a question that's begging for an answer! If one were to hang wind chimes in the center of their bedroom, what gives the chimes the power to chime?  
For example: I have a ceiling fan that is centered above our bed. So, where else in the bedroom could one put some windchimes to achieve optimal fung shei? I have some beautiful windchimes that are positioned above my 6-7 foot window sill. Now that our weather is optimal, I open my windows so the chimes work beautifully as the wind blows---but during winter months, every once in awhile I simply walk by them to manually hear their beautiful chimes.  
One final question: Is there any significance (either poitive or negative) in the placement of my wind chimes in my window sill? 
If you have time to answer me, I sincerely thank you in advance! I've taken the liberty of posting one or two of your postings on my FB page. Just a few moments ago I shared one of your links, along with a statement encouraging others to take a look @ your awesome posts on your website (maybe you'll end up with some new customers! LOL 
Thanks for sharing! 
Fond regards, 
Posted @ Sunday, March 21, 2010 11:54 AM by Meredithfir
Bagua map is hard to understand. 
Please provide pictures of entrance and correct position of wind chimes.
Posted @ Wednesday, March 31, 2010 11:32 AM by nishtha
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