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7 Feng Shui Tips To Increase Your Wealth With Moving Objects

Feng Shui Flags Windmills

In Feng Shui, there are several moving objects including flags, windmills, fountains, waterfalls and ponds that you can use in different ways to increase the flow of chi to attract more wealth, money and opportunities.
By adding moving objects to your property to increase the flow of chi, it can help wealth flow toward you, and add a sense of “life and movement” to your property.

Some of these moving objects in Feng Shui includes:

Windsocks and Flags

Decorative windsocks and beautifully-colored flags help activate chi on your property. You can hang a flag that represents the rainbow spectrum, or to represent the Five Element Colors. Select your favorite flag to make a powerful statement. The United States flag is a wonderful symbol to hang in front of a place of business.


Based on the ba gua, place the windmill in the trigram position that represents the area of your life you want to improve. For instance, placing a windmill in the wealth corner of your property will impact the flow of money. If the windmill's blades turn, money will flow toward you rapidly. On the other hand, if the blades don't turn, you'll hold on to the money you have. Indoors, you can use fans in the same way.


Fountains are used in the wealth corner of the trigram inside or outside the home. They add the water element to a space -- balancing a fire element in a living room with a fireplace, for instance -- and attract money, peacefulness and harmony.

Exterior fountains should angle slightly toward your home or front door. They may also attract native birds, raising the chi of your property by attracting living things. Just make sure to keep the fountain clean.

Waterfalls and Ponds

Like fountains, waterfalls and ponds are powerful elements to attract money when placed in the wealth position on your property. The waterfall should flow toward your house. You can increase the waterfall's power if you position it to collect in a pond or pool that embraces your house. The re-cycling nature of a waterfall is a powerful symbol, after all, chi constantly circulates, being re-used and recycled.

Weather vanes

If your home is located at the intersection of two roads or experiences another problem due to draining Earth chi, weather vanes can cure this problem. Place them on the roof in a fixed position toward the area of the ba gua you wish to activate. Or attach a weather vane so that it can move and lift the chi of the entire space.

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