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What To Look For When Buying A New Home Or Apartment

Feng Shui Home

Many people always ask what they should be looking for when considering moving into a new home or apartment. One of the top items that you should look at is not the colors of the home, where it is located or even the price… it is about understanding what happened to the people that lived in the space prior to you.

Ask questions so you can understand the patterns of those that lived there before you, also known as predecessor chi. A home or apartment will tend to follow a pattern so be sure to ask questions so you can understand:
-    Was a single person living in the space and did they move in with their significant other,
-    Was it a couple and were they happy or did they separate
-    Was there financial difficulty or prosperity
-    Are they upgrading or downgrading for their next home
-    Did they raise kids in the space
-    What was the health of the occupants
-    Any type of physical, emotional or drug related abuse
-    Was the home in foreclosure

Answers to these questions will help you understand what you may be in for. I’ve seen many examples of this in action. Such as a wealthy individual who purchased a very large home in a high-end neighborhood from a person that was sent to jail.  Within 3 years, the new owner was sentenced to jail. Or a home where the previous couple separated and within 1 year of a newly married couple moving into the space, separated.

One of the most vivid examples of predecessor chi that I have seen is when a happily married couple purchased a home that had previously been used as a drug house but was such a good deal that it was hard to pass up. They purchased the home, started renovation and not long after, the husband began abusing drugs and had to enter rehab.

So take a moment to ask questions to understand the patterns of those that lived in the space previously and think long and hard if that is a potential pattern that you want to experience.

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