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Why You Don't Want a White Picket Fence and Other Feng Shui Tips for Your Home's Exterior

Black Picket Fence

In our last tip, we talked about the five-elemental colors and how they can impact the Feng Shui of your home and your health, energy and fortune. But the five elemental colors are not limited just to your home's walls, roof, and trim.

Once you understand how the five elements feed or destroy each other, you can maximize their power on any section of your home's exterior. Here are some Feng Shui tips to use the five elemental colors on different parts of your home's exterior.

The old suburban dream of a house with a white picket fence is actually bad Feng Shui. White fences symbolize death and illness. If you're stuck with a white picket fence, tie 9 red ribbons around it (9, representing the culmination of a cycle, is an auspicious number) or plant green vines to climb the fence.

A natural wood fence, unpainted, doesn't have enough vibrancy. Again, use the colors red and green to create prosperity. For instance, shrubs with green leaves and red flowers or berries planted at the base of the fence mimic an apple tree, a symbol of prosperity.

If you can paint your fence, the best colors are red or green, symbolizing power and strength or growth and vitality, respectively. If you have a green lawn, you can paint your fence black to follow the elemental cycle, since since water (black) feeds wood (green).

Window boxes
Window boxes with live flowers bring vitality -- living things will always raise the chi of a space. You can strengthen their power by using the five elemental colors in their creative pattern, either in relation to the whole house or in relation to the window casement.

For instance, if the window is white, paint the window box black, since metal creates water or brown/yellow, since metal comes out of earth. Make sure the color you choose complements your home's overall exterior design. Also, make sure the window box is a different color than the casement.

You can incorporate your front porch into your five-elemental color scheme with positive results. For instance, four of the five elements may be represented by your driveway, walls, trim and roof. Your porch can be painted in the fifth-element color.

If you're not employing the five-elemental colors, paint your porch the same color as the walls or trim, whichever is more aesthetically pleasing.

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