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Feng Shui Exterior Lighting: How To Attract Your Desires with the Right Lighting

Feng Shui Lighting

Feng Shui exterior lighting

When someone is unaware of something, we say they are “in the dark.” On the other hand, we may talk about “the light in someone's eyes” or even declare our love by saying, “you light up my life,” as in the old song.

Light plays an important role in Feng Shui, too. We can improve a space by brightening it with the right lights.

The potential illumination when you add lighting to your home's interior or exterior is even greater than the light's actual illumination. When employed for a Feng Shui cure, the light doesn't have to be on all the time. For instance, you can leave lights on for just a few hours in the evening and see a difference.

Here are some easy ways you can use lighting to raise the chi or account for “missing” areas in your space created by an irregularly shaped house or plot of land.

- Shining a spotlight at your roof or your front door raises the chi in a space.

- A spotlight above the front door will balance the chi of your house.

- Lights on either side of your front door can act as guardians against evil and also attract positive things into your home.

- If your home is below the level of the road, a spotlight beaming from the downslope side to the highest part of your roof will raise your home's chi.

- In a small space, motion-sensing lights that turn on when someone enters encourage cogent thinking and also make the space seem larger.

- Having lights on a timer so that when you enter your home, it welcomes you.

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