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Feng Shui Do’s and Don’ts for Better Health

Feng Shui Health

Our home is intrinsically connected to our health and well-being. If our house or apartment is dirty, cluttered or filled with stagnant chi, our health may suffer as well. Follow these important Feng Shui Do’s and Don’ts as the first steps toward more energy and better health.

Do: Have good quality air. Most of us feel better after spending a day in the outdoors in the woods or mountains, breathing fresh air. Maintain that high-quality air in your home, as well, to improve your overall health.

Open windows to let air – and chi – circulate, and add plants to your environment. Plants release oxygen into the air and absorb CO2, making our air cleaner with their very existence. Because plants are alive, they also add positive chi to an environment.

Do: Let the sunlight in. In the morning, open the blinds or curtains on windows to let lots of energizing light into the space. Decorate with light or bright colors, using dark colors as accents, to promote positive energy, too.

Don’t: Overpower your home with artificial scents, like those from air fresheners and scented candles.

Don’t: Let clutter take over the center of your home. The center of your home should be clean, clear and still. As the center of your home has to do with your own health and should be left open as it can adversely affect your health.

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