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Feng Shui Your Home For Better Health

Feng Shui Kitchen

At the heart of a healthy body lies a healthy home. If you want to feel your best, have more energy, and avoid illness, Feng Shui can help.

The bedroom, bathroom and kitchen are the rooms of your house or apartment that most closely relate to your health. The energy in these rooms reflects your own energy – positive or negative.

Before leaving the house each morning, we typically visit these three rooms in order, with each space providing us with something important, physically and spiritually, that we need for success.

In the evening, we reverse the routine, with dinner, getting ready for bed in the bathroom, and, finally, relaxing in the sanctuary of our bedroom.

Your Bedroom and Your Health
Your bedroom affects how well you sleep; a good night’s sleep means you’ll have more energy to face your day. Placing your bed in the command position and decorating with tranquil colors such as greens and blues and the absence of a TV can help encourage restful sleep including.

Your Bathroom and Your Health
The ambiance of your bathroom can set the tone for the day, too. Bright, vibrant colors and a clean, uncluttered environment help you start the day right. You want your bathroom to be a peaceful sanctuary where you can prepare yourself, with affirmations or simply a smile in the mirror can help you to be at your best all day. Consider adding living plants and green accents in your bathroom to help it come alive and be a place of rejuvenation.

Your Kitchen and Your Health
Following our morning grooming rituals, we typically head into the kitchen – our last stop before leaving the house. The kitchen should be clean, bright, uncluttered and, most importantly, nourishing. Consider adding living herb plants to awaken the senses and set your mind to healthy eating.

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