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Feng Shui Nightstands and Table Lamp Tips for the Bedroom

In Feng Shui, having one nightstand or bedside table can create disruption in the balance of energy in your relationship and love life.
To improve the Feng Shui of your bedroom, you should have two matching nightstands with matching table lamps. Avoid exercise equipment in your bedroom. 
In Feng Shui, your bedroom is one of the three most important areas of your home. As a result, it can have a big impact on your personal and professional life, including your levels of energy.
If any of the following describes your bedroom, making a few changes with the intention of attracting and keeping love in your life can help.

Don't: Have only one nightstand. If you want balance in your relationships, create balance in your bedroom. There should be room to approach your bed from either side – don’t position it with one side against the wall.
You should have two nightstands, as well as two lamps. Look for other opportunities to place “two” elements in the room to attract love in your life. For instance, a set of matching candle holders or similar artwork in matching frames hung symmetrically, create a balanced look.

Don’t: Place photos of family and friends in your bedroom. If you must have a photo in your bedroom, it should be of you and your lover during a happy moment. Abstract representations of couples, as well as any items in pairs, are also good.

Don't: Have a home office or lots of books in your bedroom. Your bedroom is supposed to be used for two things: rest and romance. You don’t want items that remind you of work, learning, or finance in this space. If you have a very small apartment, and have little choice of where to place your desk, place a partition in the room so you can’t see the desk from your bed.

Don't: Keep exercise equipment in your bedroom. Just like a home office, exercise equipment creates too much energy for a space that is supposed to be a sanctuary. Exercise equipment in the bedroom can make you feel restless – or guilty if you’ve missed too many workouts.

Don't: Place mementos (especially love letters from exes) under the bed. The space under the bed should be kept clear. If you are tight on storage space, it’s okay to store a small box with blankets, bedding or clothing beneath the bed – but only soft items.

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