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Mandarin Ducks In Feng Shui: The Truth & Myth of Mandarin Ducks To Improve Your Love Life & Luck

Mandarin Ducks In Feng Shui is believed to attract love, marriage, boyfriend or a girlfriend. Placing Mandarin Ducks in a specific position in your bedroom or house is thought to improve your love area or corner and relationship luck to attract a spouse or new relationship. 
Here's what happens when you put a pair of Feng Shui Mandarin Ducks in your love & relationship area… This may surprise you.

Today’s episode is all about using Feng Shui to attract passionate love and the kind of relationship that is actually perfect for you.

Many times, once my Feng Shui clients finally reach out to me for help, they’re frustrated with their love life and desperately seeking change.

But what happens before I see them?

Typically, they all try many of the traditional routes. This can range from reading articles, talking with friends, professional therapy, journaling, going out and trying to be more social, signing up for dating sites, etc. And when they don’t get the results they're seeking... they increase their search of what they can do to improve their love life.

This brings them to Feng Shui. They’ll start reading all kinds of articles that tell them to add this, that and other in their home or bedroom. That they need to buy specific items  to place in their Feng Shui relationship area to draw in the partner of their dreams.   

Some of these love trinkets may include a pair of Mandarin Ducks. And when that doesn’t work, they continue searching for what else they can place in their love corner to attract the love of their life, get married, have a family and live happily ever after.

Unfortunately, the desired outcome rarely happens.  

In today’s episode, we’re talking about Feng Shui, mandarin ducks and your love corner.

If you've ever struggled with attracting the type of partner and relationship that is actually perfect for you, this episode is for you.  

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