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Open Your Home to Guidance from Surprising Sources

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Knives Okay in a Feng Shui Kitchen?

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Living Room Arrangement Based On Feng Shui Principles

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Feng Shui Colors For Your Kitchen

Surround Yourself with Inspirational People

The Best Feng Shui Living Room Colors

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Feng Shui Office Colors For Financial Prosperity

Feng Shui Your Office For Business Success

Feng Shui Principles: What Stories Does Your Home Or Apartment Tell About You?

Feng Shui Bedroom Mirror To Boost Your Confidence and Communication

Feng Shui Bed Placement In A Child’s Bedroom

Feng Shui Your Child's Desk for Better Grades

Feng Shui For Good Grades

How To Feng Shui A Retail Store Or Boutique

Feng Shui Your Kitchen For Less With These 3 Simple Tips

How Do You Find Your True Life Purpose?

Do You NEED This?

What Habits Do You Want to Break Or Change?

Feng Shui Cure #9: Use the Power of the Bagua to Improve Your Life

Basic Feng Shui Cure #8: Elemental Colors Balance the Chi for Good Fortune

Basic Feng Shui Cure #7: Use Bamboo Flutes For Protection

Basic Feng Shui Cure #6 - Use Electrical Devices to Activate Sections of the Bagua for Increased Wealth and Fame

Basic Feng Shui Cure #5: Use Heavy Objects for Stability

Basic Feng Shui Cure #4: Use Moving Objects to Disperse Killing Chi

Basic Feng Shui Cure #3: Living Objects Bring Good Fortune

Basic Feng Shui Cure #2: Objects that Make Sounds Offer Security and Wealth

Feng Shui Cure #1: Bright or Light Refracting Objects to Raise Chi

9 Feng Shui Cures to Change Your Life

Lessons from Cow Camp: Stay Focused to Achieve Your Goals

The Sying and Yi of Feng Shui Cures

Lessons from Cow Camp: Follow Your Intuition for a Better Path

Feng Shui Wealth Analysis: Is Your Home “Making” You Spend Money?

What Do You Do To Rejuvenate Yourself?

3 Ways to Adjust Chi For Positive Change

What Will You Learn Today?

3 Ways The Feng Shui Of Your Entrance Could Be Hurting Your Health and Opportunities

What Challenge Did You Overcome Today?

Feng Shui Health: Is Water Near Your Home Making You Sick?

Feng Shui Driveways: Is Your Driveway Bringing You Good Fortune?

Feng Shui Cures to Improve Your Fortune

Invite Positive Chi into Your Neighborhood with an Urban Garden

The Best Numbers for a Home or Apartment in Feng Shui

What Kind of Day Do You Want to Have?

How Water in Feng Shui Relates To Wisdom and Wealth

Feng Shui Your Front Door In 3 Simple Ways

4 Ways to Set Your Intention

3 Common Causes and Cures for Summer Headaches

3 Factors in Your Home That Reflect Your Attitude About Money

Avoid Foods with Artificial Coloring for Better Health

Follow Your True Purpose Each Day

Do You Keep a Gratitude Journal?

How to Use Feng Shui to Get Out of Debt

1 Simple Feng Shui Step To Change Your Life and Get Unstuck

The World Embraces Feng Shui

The Feng Shui of New York City

How Strong is Your Intention?

What is the Desired Outcome?

Feng Shui a Factor in Celebrity Divorce?

Feng Shui Clutter: How To Declutter an Entire Room in a Single Sweep

Energize Your Life with Feng Shui Firecrackers this Fourth of July

3 Myths About Creating The Life You Desire

Want vs. Expectation - Is There a Difference?

Ken's Concept For A New Feng Shui TV Show... Can I Have Your Vote?

Feng Shui Health: Clean These Overlooked Places After Recovering from Illness

How to Build an Effective Vision Board With Feng Shui

Feng Shui Your Living Room for More Stimulating Conversation

Take Time to Appreciate Nature

Feng Shui Clutter: Clean Out Your "Junk Room" To Expand Your Possibilities

Feng Shui Floor Plan: How The Floor Plan of Your Home Could Be Holding You Back

How To Hold Yourself Accountable

Feng Shui Predecessor Chi: How The Previous Occupants Of Your Home or Apartment Can Impact You

How The First Room You See in Your Home Can Affect You & Your Guests

5 Easy Steps to Create The Life Of Your Dreams

How To Use Your Pain as Fuel for Change

Feng Shui Wealth: Four Easy Steps to Experiencing Instant Wealth

Feng Shui Your Food To Stay Sharp with Brain Food

Feng Shui Helpful People: How To Find a Mentor to Advance Your Career and Increase Your Income

Three Easy Ways to Stay More Focused at Work

How To Attract Wealth Using Feng Shui

Feeling Stuck? Five Ways To Change Your Surroundings Using Feng Shui

Feng Shui Numerology: How Your Name Can Impact Your Income & More

Feng Shui Clothing Colors: How To Use The Colors In Your Wardrobe To Turn Heads and Get Noticed

How To Create Positive Changes In Your Life With Intention & Visualization

5 Ways To Connect With Your Higher Purpose & True Self

Achieve Your Goals Through The Power Of Your Intention

How To Increase Your Income In One Simple Step Using Feng Shui

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Feng Shui Your Love Life: How To Meet the Love of Your Life in the Right Clothes

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Wash Your Hands After a Big Decision to Cut Down on Second-Guessing

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Make Your Relationship To The Tao Your Top Priority

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How Bridges and Roof Lines Affect The Feng Shui Of Your Home

Feng Shui Colors to Change the 6 Major Areas of Your Life

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How Churches and Temples Affect The Feng Shui Of Your Neighborhood

What Can I Expect During a Feng Shui Consultation?

4 Ways To Use Feng Shui to Create the Vacation of Your Dreams

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Feng Shui Career: Is Your Commute Hurting Your Career?

How to Judge the Feng Shui of a House Before You Buy

How Spring Cleaning Can Improve The Feng Shui In Your Home

Feng Shui Placement of the Stove to Increase Income

Feng Shui Your Bedroom to Take Control of Your Life

How To Use Feng Shui To Overcome Life's Struggles

Feng Shui Your Kitchen for Wealth, Health and Better Relationships

Feng Shui Doors: How Doors Can Affect Your Health and Wealth in Feng Shui

Feng Shui Stability: How To Add Stability to Your Life with Heavy Objects

The Best Feng Shui Foods for Your Heart, Lungs and More

Use the Feng Shui Five-Element Color Cycle to Change your Life

Feng Shui Your Backyard In 6 Easy Ways

Feng Shui Your Health with Foods in the Elemental Colors

Protect Your Health, Wealth and Family by Planting Trees

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