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Trouble Sleeping? How To Sleep Better Using Feng Shui

trouble sleeping better sleep feng shui

Do you have trouble sleeping?

Nearly all of us have had difficulty sleeping at one time or another. And this can be very frustrating.
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Feng Shui Career: Is Your Commute Harming Your Health?

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The results of the American Time Use Survey, which looked at the lifestyles of 24,861 people, shows that an hour-long commute every day might actually take years of your life.

Brown University researchers, in the Journal of Urban Health, wrote, "Spending an additional 60 min daily commuting above average is associated with a 6 percent decrease in aggregate health-related activities and spending an additional 120 min is associated with a 12 percent decrease.”

Do's and Don'ts of Being Happier

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If you're reading this blog, I'm going to take the guess that you're looking for tips because there's some part of your life (or maybe many parts!) that you're not happy with. Here are some “do's and don'ts” to be happier, right now.

Never Get Sick Again: 5 Tips to Fight Colds with Feng Shui

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It's that time of year, when colds and the flu make their rounds and keep us all from being our best. This year's odd temperatures (30 one day, 60 the next?!) have made it hard for everyone to stay germ-free. But these tips will help you all year round.

Keep Your Family Safe: Get Rid of these Hidden Killers in Your Kitchen

keep your kitchen safe
There are a lot of Feng Shui myths about what can cause misfortune in your kitchen. Don't display knives? That's a myth. But don't cook with your back to the door -- and if you have to, place a mirror over the stove.

Many real dangers in your kitchen have nothing to do with Feng Shui. Let's identify some dangers in your kitchen, and some things you may have thought were dangerous but are actually okay (under certain circumstances.)

Gratitude: The Key to Everything

Studies show that expressing gratitude is one of the most effective ways to increase your happiness. It's also a great way to make sure you're living in the moment and attracting abundance in every area of life.

When we express gratitude for everything we have -- and everything we want -- we send out powerful energy to the Universe and, the universe, acting in alignment with that energy, sends us even more to be grateful for.

Feng Shui Health: Stay Healthy by Avoiding Piercing Heart Sha Chi


I recently spoke about three different types of chi to avoid when you're shopping for a city apartment. There's a fourth form of negative chi, which is possible but not easy to remedy.

What is Piercing Heart Sha Chi?  

I often talk about avoiding homes or apartments where any object blocks the front door. When this object is tall and narrow, like a lamppost, electrical pole, pillar or pylon, this is called Piercing Heart Sha Chi. Other examples of Piercing Heart Sha include:

- the sharp corner of another building pointing at the main entrance
- the sharp roofline of another low-rise or ground level apartment building pointing at the main entrance

Internal Piercing Heart Sha

Piercing Heart Sha can also exist within the building because of pillars or corners pointing at the main entrance. This is called internal piercing heart sha.

What's So Bad About Piercing Heart Sha?

Piercing heart sha can cause physical and health problems in an apartment's inhabitants. Depending on where the piercing heart sha is located, it can cause headaches, heart problems or digestive problems. Additionally, piercing heart sha can have negative effects on the apartment, including maintenance problems, structural issues, leaks, or robberies and break-ins.

Feng Shui Remedy for Piercing Heart Sha

Some piercing heart sha can be deflected with a mirror, but it's best to avoid buying an apartment with any of these forms of negative energy.  

Feng Shui Lighting: Feel Better In Rooms Full of Light

Feng Shui Lighting
The ancient Roman physician Aulus Cornelius Celsus once said, “Live in rooms full of light.” Celsus was a doctor and author who promoted diet, exercise, massage and natural healing.

The importance of living in rooms full of light is a philosophy shared by the ancient Chinese who employed Feng Shui for good fortune -- and it works just as well today. How can you live in rooms full of light, both physically and metaphorically?

1. Choose light, bright colors for the walls in your home, and especially the entryway. A well-lit entryway painted in tones of eggshell white, beige or pastels will help welcome opportunity into your home and your life.

2. Take advantage of natural light. Open blinds on south-facing windows in the morning to welcome natural sunlight. You'll feel more awake and ready to face any challenges of the day.

3. Energize specific trigrams of the bagua, as well as stairways and your entrance, with LED lighting. Recessed LED lighting gives a bright glow that costs less in electricity than incandescent bulbs. Living with regard for the environment has always been good Feng Shui.

4. Consider setting up lights on motion sensors in your entry so they will turn on when you arrive home in the evening. You'll immediately feel welcome into your home -- and so will guests -- which creates positive chi in your environment.

5. Live “in the moment.” Living in “rooms full of light” doesn't just mean creating bright surroundings in your home. Live each day with an open mind so you'll see new opportunities and be ready to take advantage of all the ways you can improve your life.

Pet Feng Shui: How Pets Add Joy to Small Spaces

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Do you feel cramped in your New York apartment? Stifled? When you look around your apartment and pinpoint the feeling it gives you, do you sense stagnant chi all around? Although it may seem counter-intuitive to share your small space with another being, adding a pet may actually help. Pets help circulate stagnant chi and can fill even the smallest space with positive energy.

All living things -- plants, animals, and people, too -- have a life force. Having pets increases the chi that flows and moves around you as they freely move about your living space.

Our pets enhance our lives as companions, friends and family members. Studies have even proven that having a pet can reduce stress and high-blood pressure. A pet can be an undemanding, positive and calming presence in your home. Most are naturally upbeat and have good energy.

Dogs That Enjoy Smaller Spaces

If you live in a small city apartment, you may think that a pet, especially a dog, needs more space. Often people assume that they can only have a bird or cat in an apartment. There are actually dog breeds that do very well in smaller spaces and they aren’t all tiny “pocket pets” like Chihuahuas. Here are some breeds that are suitable for apartments:
- Bichon Frise
- Basset Hound
- Bulldog
- Italian Greyhound
- Scottish Terrier

Just about any larger breed can live in an apartment, too, with enough outside exercise and stimulation. Just be sure to research first to pick the best breed for your lifestyle.

Adequate Exercise Enhances Both Your Lives

Don’t think that because a dog is happy with the space in your apartment that he’s fine - all dogs require exercise. Walking your dog at least once a day is good for both of you. It gets you moving and out to enjoy nature and fresh air.

In my Feng Shui consultations, I often recommend introducing life chi, whether it's in the form of animals, plants, trees or flowers, to a space. Adding life chi is just one of the nine secret Feng Shui remedies I share in my eBook. If you're facing a situation you want to change, or feel as if your home or apartment has stagnant chi, I know one of the time-tested, proven remedies I share in my book can help.

You can check it out here: Feng Shui Secrets Risk-Free Trial.

Feng Shui Your Life: How To Increase Your Life's Bank Account

Increase Your Life's Bank Account
In my previous post, I talked about easy ways to increase your income. But when we think in terms of our “bank account” being more than just money, we find many other ways we can increase the wealth in our life. Here are a few suggestions:

- A New Potential Friend: Have you ever met someone and clicked with them on every level? They made you laugh and just enjoy being around them. This is probably a potential new good friend. Friends add intrinsic value to our lives.

- Volunteer Your Time: Volunteering your time to help with a cause about which you are passionate will enrich your life. The rewards received from giving with no expectation of returns are invaluable.

- Start exercising: Good health and boundless energy give us the ability to pursue our other goals -- monetary and otherwise. While it's true that a higher income can buy better health care, you really can't put a price on good health. Just 20 minutes of exercise three times a week can make a huge difference.
Start today thinking of other ways to add to your life’s bank account -- and then put them into practice right away. Please share your thoughts below, and let us know how taking one small step to increase your life's bank account made a positive difference.

Want more tips to change your life? My new eBook is much more than just a guide to using Feng Shui in your home or apartment. People who've read it are telling me it's helping them visualize their goals, change their thought patterns for greater success, and get on the path to living their best life. I have no doubts it can do the same for you.

Check it out here: Feng Shui Secrets Risk-Free Trial
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