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Trouble Sleeping? How To Sleep Better Using Feng Shui

trouble sleeping better sleep feng shui

Do you have trouble sleeping?

Nearly all of us have had difficulty sleeping at one time or another. And this can be very frustrating.
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Feng Shui Bedroom Colors For Couples

Feng Shui Consultant Ken Lauher
Have you ever wondered what are the best Feng Shui bedroom colors for a couple?

Bedroom colors can help you when you're single establish a long-term relationship but what should you look for once you're in the relationship and how should you design your bedroom to support your relationship, create an environment of communication, intimacy and great sex?

7 Feng Shui Bedroom Tips for Hot Summer Love

feng shui bedroom romance resized 600

Whether you're looking for your true love or want to heat up your summer with more romance in your bedroom, these inspiring decorating tips can give your bedroom that peaceful yet romantic ambiance it needs to invite true love.

1. Make the most of a small space - Consider mounting lights, nightstands or shelves on the walls to make the most of your space. Just don't hang them over the bed, where they could disturb your sleep and create a sense of pressure, or even headaches.

2. Get creative with quilts and bedspreads. - Have a quilt you love? Hang it on the wall for a great splash of color and decoration, then tie in the look with coordinating solid bed linens. Or choose a patterned bedspread or quilt against solid walls to brighten up a room and add some excitement.

3. Choose patterns - On the bedspread, walls, lamps or pillows, patterns add pizzazz to spice up your space. Even mis-matched patterns, such as stripes and floral, can work as long as there's consistency in the colors or style.

4. Get comfy - Consider a down, especially eiderdown, comforter, especially if you like to crank up the air conditioner and snuggle in the summertime. Add plenty of throw pillows to the bed for a cozy feel.

5. Don't forget your feet - Thick, soft comfortable rugs by the side of the bed, especially if you have hardwood floors in the bedroom, soften the room and make waking up more welcoming.

6. Add warmth by layering favorite colors or selecting a neutral palette. - The best Feng Shui colors for a bedroom are flesh tones: beiges, light browns or pale pinks. Sticking to various shades of these colors adds warmth, and you can add a spark of surprise by dressing it up with bold accents. If you especially like a color such as blue or green, layer the room in different shades of that color. Then add red or pink coordinating accents to give the room some pop.

7. Try some role-playing - Add some spice in the bedroom by reinventing furniture in new ways. (What were you thinking?) For instance, a classic wooden bench can act as a nightstand, or a rocking chair can be re-purposed as a planter. Nearly any piece of furniture can serve a different purpose with some creativity and perhaps a fresh coat of paint.

In the comments below, please share your own tips about how you make your bedroom fun and sexy or let me know what specific tip from above is going to help you the most.

I’m really excited to hear your feedback here and, as always, thank you in advance for contributing your true self to the conversation!

Afraid Your Spouse Will Stray? Re-Paint Your Bedroom With Feng Shui Colors

peach bedroom feng shui resized 600
Peach is often considered a positive color for romance. Feng Shui dating tips often advise painting the master bedroom peach to find a guy or girl. But this color is associated with romantic flings, not long-term love relationships.

If you are already in a long-term relationship or are married, you may have a sense of uneasiness that you can't place. A peach bedroom, often used to create the “peach blossom luck” of a bachelor, may encourage infidelity in a marriage.

Feng Shui Master Bedroom Colors for a Married Couple

If you are married, consider beige or flesh tones for the master bedroom instead of peach. This will encourage stability in your marriage. Blue and green are also good colors for a master bedroom for a good night's sleep.

To strengthen your marriage and improve your love life, paint the room in a shade of pink with red accents, but make sure the room is not too feminine.

Feng Shui Colors to Find a Guy or Girl

If you're interested in dating and meeting lots of people, really ramping up your social life, peach is a good color for the master bedroom. But if you're interested in how to use Feng Shui in the master bedroom to find a spouse, consider colors more suitable for a married couple, especially pinks and flesh tones like beige.

What color is your master bedroom? Is it in alignment with your relationship goals?

Feng Shui Consultant's Relationship Advice: Is Your Bedroom Scaring Partners Away?

Is Your Bedroom Scaring Partners Away resized 600
There's a lot of relationship advice out there about how to find a guy or girl to date and love and even share your life with, but this simple tip could change your love life dramatically!

Many people consider their master bedroom their sanctuary, and, according to Feng Shui principles, it is one of the three most important areas of the home. But how is your master bedroom decorated?

Too Feminine to Find a Guy?

If your master bedroom is decorated all in pastels -- with no darker shades for contrast -- and frills and flowers, it may look too feminine. Even before the right guy enters your room, you may be hurting your chances to find a boyfriend with a mindset that you don't want to share your private space.

Too Masculine to Find a Girl?

If your master bedroom is decorated in a very sparse, masculine style (perhaps wolves or deer or another “woodsy” decor), and filled with “guy” things, again, you could be sending a subconscious message that you aren't actually ready to share your life. Sometimes, though, our space doesn't reflect our inner feelings; Feng Shui is useful to bring our surroundings into alignment with our thoughts. If you're ready for that softer touch, redecorate your space to reflect that.

Too Cluttered for Anyone?

The best master bedroom will be decorated in styles that are neither too feminine or too masculine. It should also be clean and uncluttered. Neglecting your master bedroom could symbolize neglecting your love life. Again, bringing your space into alignment with your desires will shift the energy around you, increasing your opportunities to find a guy or girl to spend your life with.

Feng Shui Your Master Bedroom to Strengthen Your Marriage

feng shui bedroom marriage resized 600
The master bedroom, along with the front entrance and the stove, are one of the three most important areas in a home or apartment. Your master bedroom can have a significant impact on your marriage.

Look around your master bedroom and analyze the following elements, and then re-create the space so it is in alignment with your goal for a stronger marriage.

1. What's in your romance corner? If this corner attracts clutter, dirty laundry, or even piles of paperwork, it could mean that you are not giving your relationship the focus it deserves. Instead, everything else in everyday life is getting in the way. Clean out this corner and set your intention to focus on your spouse by placing two objects with great significance in this space. If clutter seems to find every flat surface in your home, remove the flat surface! Place a plant in this corner, instead.

2. What color is your master bedroom? Peach can lead partners to go astray in a  marriage, while blue or green may not contribute enough passion to the relationship. The best colors for a master bedroom are flesh tones like beige or cream, or shades of pink.

3. Is your bedroom balanced? If one side of a bed has a nightstand while the other does not, or heavy objects seem to dominate one side of a room, this can lead to inequality in the marriage, which one partner may grow to resent. Place objects -- including nightstands, artwork, candles and plants -- in pairs in the master bedroom, and pay attention to the overall balance in the space.

Feng Shui Bedroom Decorating Ideas

feng shui bedroom decorating ideas
Thinking of redecorating your bedroom? Maybe it's time to go from that summer beach theme in your bedroom to more cozy bedroom decorating ideas as we move into cooler weather.

Looking for Feng Shui bedroom decorating ideas? Keep these quick Feng Shui tips in mind to maintain balance in the space, ensure a good night's sleep and sustain a more positive relationship with your significant other.

1.  Double it up. Create a sense of balance in the bedroom and equality in your relationship by placing matching nightstands with matching table lamps -- on each side of the bed. Items in twos are good Feng Shui, but don't overdo it.

2. Decorate in peaceful colors. The bedroom should be a place of relaxation. Yin colors like blue and green are best. Add darker, earth tone accents for contrast and to add an “autumn” feeling to the space for the season. Blue with chocolate brown or green with deep maroon or dark beige are two bedroom decorating ideas that create a sense of color balance. Read more about the best Feng Shui bedroom colors.

3. Use a Feng Shui bedroom mirror for good fortune and communication. A mirror near the foot of the bed can multiply your fortune and happiness, improve communication in a relationship, and provide a sense of “completion” to your goals. Because mirrors are “yang” (active) energy and the bedroom is a “yin” (restful) space, use Feng Shui bedroom mirrors in moderation.

A large round mirror on the wall above the headboard can relax the eyes, reduce tension and improve a marriage. Add a mirror near the foot of the bed, and you’ll see an infinite doubling of the image, which can provide a sense of joyful expansion, completion and advancement. Both options can actually improve communication with your loved one. Mirrors can also be placed on the left and right sides of the bed for a similar effect.

4. Invite “living chi” into the space with plants. It may be time to bring some of your outdoor plants indoors for the fall and winter. Why not place a few in your bedroom while you're redecorating? Feng Shui plants will brighten the space and invite health chi into your bedroom. If you don't have a green thumb, silk plants that look real will have the same positive effect. Also consider fall floral arrangements in earth tones, but balance bright orange blooms of the season with greenery so you don't add too much yang energy into your peaceful bedroom.  

5. Pay attention to Feng Shui bed placement. While you're using these Feng Shui bedroom decorating ideas, take a few minutes to make sure your bed is in the command position of the room.  This will help you get a better night's sleep. Follow these additional tips to Feng Shui your bed.

How 12 Colors Using Feng Shui Can Help You Achieve Your Goals

Feng Shui Colors

We know that colors play an important role in Feng Shui. Colors can be used to activate a “missing section” of the bagua in a home or apartment. Colors can be used strategically in your wardrobe for greater fortune, increased wealth, or to enhance your persuasive or sales powers. Painting different rooms of your house in auspicious colors, or using the five-element color cycle, can improve many different areas of your life, and help you attract love, money or success.

But what do specific colors symbolize? Keep in mind that many colors have cultural connotations. For instance, a green hat in China symbolizes marital infidelity. White symbolizes death in China, but U.S.-based brides wear white to symbolize purity. In China, brides consider red to be the most auspicious color.

These guidelines will help you select the best colors to strengthen your chi and achieve your goals in romance, your career, finances, spirituality and more.

Red - The Chinese consider this color one of the most auspicious. Full of fire energy, red is stimulating, powerful and persuasive.

Purple - Purple is as auspicious as red, with the added connotation of money and power.

Yellow - While people in the U.S. often interpret yellow to symbolize cowardice, in Feng Shui yellow or gold is associated with royalty and wisdom. It is not as “high energy” as red, but it represents, tolerance, patience and wisdom -- worthy attributes for leaders.

Green - Like the springtime grass, green represents hope and freshness. A great color for a kitchen or bedroom, it can be both energizing and tranquil, depending on the shade.

Blue - Like green, blue is associated with the element of wood and therefore symbolizes growth and hope. Blue hospital gowns have a calming effect on patients and represent the hope of recovery.

Black - The ultimate in “yin” energy, black creates a sense of depth in mood and perspective. People may don this color for wisdom. Too much yin energy, though, can lead to depression, so people who are naturally “down” should avoid this color.

Gray - The perfect blending of black and white (yin and yang), gray can symbolize the ultimate balance. However, it can also take on characteristics of black and represent hopelessness (as in a gray and dreary day.) Use your instincts when applying this color -- does it feel uplifting and balanced or drab and depressing?

Brown - Symbolizing the depth and roots of wood, brown conveys a sense of permanence and stability. On the other hand, it can also create a heavy, weighed-down feeling. Dark brown can also represent the element of water and take on the yin characteristics of the color black.

Tan - Unlike dark brown, tan is an “earth” color, representing re-birth and possibility growing out of hopelessness.

Orange - Like red and yellow, orange is an auspicious fire color, designed to energize a space.

Pink - A softer shade of red, pink often represents love, joy, and romance. If red is fiery hot passion, pink is pure love and affection.

Peach - An important color in Feng Shui, this blending of pink, red, and orange can be auspicious, as in peach blossom luck. It is a social color, attracting friends and lovers. It is a good color for a single person's bedroom if they hope to attract love. However, peach in a married couple's bedroom could lead to infidelity.

Which colors do you most identify with right now? Which colors are lacking in your life, and would adding them to your home or wardrobe help you achieve your goals?

Feng Shui Colors: A Room-By-Room Guide

Feng Shui Colors

One of the least expensive ways to give your home new life is a fresh coat of paint. Even those who live in apartments can often convince their landlord to let them paint, as long as they return the walls to plain white before they leave. The investment is minimal -- less than $80 buys three gallons of paint, rollers and brushes to do a few rooms.

But what are the best colors to paint using the principles of Feng Shui? It depends on the room. When you select colors for the floor, walls, and ceiling, make sure to employ the Five-Elemental Cycle using three colors. Also, don't think a ceiling has to be white; light beige or even brighter colors that complement the walls add depth and creativity to a room.

Entryway/Foyer - Small entryways are enhanced by lighting and light, bright colors. Off-white and shades of blue, pink or green represent hope and welcome. Green, black or red are auspicious colors for the front door. As with a fence, avoid a white front door. You can learn more about Feng Shui in your front entrance in this article.

Kitchen - The best color for a kitchen is white, the color of purity and cleanliness. White permits the food's true character and colors to show through -- bright reds, greens and yellows on a white pallet. The kitchen's basic element is fire, and metal (represented by white) overcomes fire to better balance the chi.

Avoid black and gray (water element), because it destroys fire, and avoid red, because it will make a kitchen too “hot,” literally and figuratively. A red kitchen may be prone to fires while the cook will be prone to temper flare-ups. Read more about Feng Shui in the kitchen.

Bedroom - The color of your bedroom will depend upon your age, personal goals, and whether your room is the master bedroom or not. Pink is best for a master bedroom, because the marriage position on the bagua is placed between fire (red) and metal (white), and pink is the blending of these two colors. Pink or red sheets and blankets ensure a “fiery” marriage bed.

For single people seeking a mate, pink or peach is an auspicious color for the bedroom.

For anyone else, subdued hues of greens and blues promote rest. You can learn more about how to use Feng Shui in the bedroom in this article.

Children, on the other hand, thrive in rooms of green, which create peaceful calm and serenity while encouraging learning and knowledge. This article talks about Feng Shui in a baby's nursery.

Dining Room - If you have a dining room where you eat and entertain as a family, pinks, greens and blues work best to encourage conversation and stimulate the palate. There's a reason many restaurants have green decor -- it stimulates the appetite. Avoid blacks and whites unless the goal is to lose weight.

Bathroom - The bathroom should be a sanctuary where you go to prepare yourself to face the day or retreat at night to prepare for sleep. The best colors for a bathroom include lighter shades of green, blues, pink, or white. Black or gray, which correspond to the water element, make good accent colors. Or, you can use pastels or white with bright accents to enliven the space. Remember, as one of the first rooms you visit in the morning, the bathroom is one of the three most important areas of the home in Feng Shui.  

Painting your home in pleasant, Feng Shui colors helps balance the chi within yourself, members of your family, and your home.

Are you ready to learn more about the best Feng Shui colors for your home or apartment?

That's where my special report comes in...

In it, I share a room-by-room guide of the best colors for all rooms in your home or apartment. From the front door to the entryway... from the kitchen to the living... all the way to the bathroom, home office and beyond.

You'll learn how to apply color to your career... what colors to wear... what colors to add to your office of in the area of your home so you can achieve the success you desire.

You'll learn color tips on how to use color to achieve your specific goals. From increasing your spirituality, focus, energy, creativity, to weight loss, attracting love and more…

In other words, it's a complete system.

You'll learn everything you need to know in order to apply colors to your home and life so that you can experience your best life and make a difference in the world.

All the details are here... check it out: Special Report: Using Color To Change Your Life

Feng Shui Colors for Attracting Love

Feng Shui Colors

Whether you’re looking to attract love or maintain a strong relationship, Feng Shui can play a large role. The layout, design, décor and even color scheme in your bedroom can affect your love life.

Here are some colors, depending on your personal tastes and relationship goals, which may work well in a bedroom.

Greens – Green is a color of nature and rejuvenation, making it perfect for a restful night’s sleep. It also represents hope and newness – good for attracting a new love. If your intention is romance, however, incorporate deeper accent colors of maroon or red.

Blue – Like green, blue is a tranquil color, making it good for sleep and relaxation.

Peach – If you are seeking love, peach is a good color for the bedroom, as it attracts social opportunities.

Pink – Pink is considered one of the best Feng Shui colors for a bedroom. It combines the fiery romance of the color red, with the metal element in the color white. Pink is the color of true love and lasting romance, and is often recommended for newlyweds.

Red – While painting bedroom walls red will activate too much chi and add too much fire element to the space, red accents can increase passion. Red sheets or blankets are recommended to spice up a love life.

Whatever colors you select, if you want to attract a partner make sure your bedroom isn’t too masculine or too feminine. The space should be welcoming to a partner of the opposite sex. Even a pink bedroom can look classy and gender-neutral, without a lot of frills and lace.
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