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Feng Shui Helpful People: How To Find a Mentor to Advance Your Career and Increase Your Income

Women Mentors
Do you always get the help you need, when you need it? Do co-workers jump in at the 11th hour to make sure you meet that important deadline? Do influential people offer advice that can help you advance in your career? Do you have wise people in your life who are helping you in your spiritual development? What does your social network (both online and in real life) look like -- is it filled with people who can help you achieve your own financial, personal or spiritual goals?

If you answered all these questions with a resounding “Yes!”, you can stop reading and continue on your path to fulfillment. If not (and I'm guessing you answered “sometimes” to most of them), you can use Feng Shui to attract more helpful people and mentors into your life.

Why Seek Out Mentors?
The quantity and quality of mentors we have in our lives will greatly impact the wealth we can earn in our career. A working mother who knows she can find good child care will have better focus, leading to greater success at work. An intern with a supportive supervisor will advance quickly in his chosen career. A husband with a wife who encourages him in his business (or vice versa) will do well.

It Begins with the Bagua
We can increase our wealth by enhancing the helpful people/travel (chyan) section of the bagua. You can apply these tips to your home's overall floor plan, your office, or a single room.

The chyan position of the bagua corresponds with the element of metal. If your kitchen is located in the chyan position of your home, hang those stainless steel pots and pans proudly from the walls or ceiling.

If your living room is situated in this segment of the bagua, introduce metal windchimes, a mirror, brass lamps, or shiny trophies representing your achievements. Photos of your favorite people, family and friends -- or people you would like to have as mentors -- in metal picture frames will activate this corner of your living room, office or study, too. Since gray is the color associated with metal, black and white pictures work best.

Since fire “melts” metal, avoid the color red or anything associated with fire (including a fireplace) in this segment of your home or office.

Focus on Travel
If your business involves travel -- or if you'd like to travel more -- you can also store your luggage in this section of your home or office. In addition to photos of helpful people, you can add postcards of your favorite places, vacation souvenirs, and anything that reminds you of traveling.

One woman, planning a trip to France, placed a metal replica of the Eiffel tower in the “helpful people” corner of her desk. She's packing her bags for her getaway now.

Invite Helpful People into Your Home
Once you've activated the helpful people segment of your home or office, you'll find that help comes to you when you need it. However, don't hesitate to ask for help when you need it, even if you have to pay for it.

Consider hiring a maid. Coming home to a clean house will lift your energy, so you can focus on your career and pursuing your passion. All the best managers learn how to delegate tasks -- paying an extra $30 to $50 a week to have a sparkling clean home where the chi flows freely is a wise investment.

To Find a Mentor, Be a Mentor
After you've used Feng Shui to strengthen the helpful people section of your home, you may feel more inclined to help others, as well. Look for opportunities to support others in their career, to help family and friends, and reach out as a mentor yourself.

This combination of the “mundane” and the “transcendental” will yield the best results when it comes to attracting helpful people into your life. 

Need additional assistance? Take a look at these options.

Feng Shui Flutes: 5 Ways to Change Your Life

Feng Shui Bamboo Flute
What if someone were to share with you a powerful object that is designed to bring you a sense of inner peace and safety? What if there were a way to gain emotional and spiritual support when you need it most? There is. It doesn't cost a lot of money, either, and it blends in with the decor of almost any home or apartment.

In Feng Shui, a specific type of bamboo flute called a hsiao can activate the chi in a specific area of the ba gua. When a hsiao is cut from the root, the joints of the bamboo remain. These joints increase in size, representing step-by-step improvement (of your finances, health, family matters, marriage or romance, sense of well-being, and any other area of life represented by the bagua.)

Bamboo flutes are used in Feng Shui to achieve several other objectives, as well.

1. Focusing chi - You can use a bamboo flute to focus chi, for instance, to slow the rapid of flow of chi down a staircase and out the door, or to direct it down a little-used hallway. Use the flute as a pointer, with the mouthpiece facing up and in the direction you wish the chi to flow.

2. For protection - Bamboo offers a sense of peace when we look upon it, and also imbues a space with life-affirming chi. It is sturdy and strong, dependable yet serene and calming. Hang bamboo flutes anywhere you need support or strength, as well as peace and protection.

3. To fight negativity - In Feng Shui, bamboo flutes can ward off both negative thoughts and hurtful, negative people. If you feel as if your life's efforts and true purpose are being sabotaged by naysayers, flutes will alleviate the effect their words have on your well-being. Flutes tied with red ribbon serve especially well for this purpose.

4. To strengthen the bagua - Flutes can be used to strengthen a trigram position in the bagua when it is laid out over your home. Two flutes hung with their mouthpieces facing up at a 45-degree angle to the ceiling represent the shape of the bagua. A flute hung parallel to a wall in this manner strengthens both that area of the bagua and the adjacent area, connecting the two positions.

5. To raise chi - As outlined in this article, flutes can be used to direct uplifting chi in situations where you feel oppressed or pressured, such as in a basement apartment or an attic room with low ceilings and slanted walls.

You can also hang flutes from a beam over a bed to lessen the negative effects of sleeping beneath a beam. Flutes used for this purpose should be large. You can hang the flutes vertically, with the mouthpiece up, or at 45-degree angles, representing the octagonal shape of the bagua, at each end of the beam.

View and learn more about Bamboo Flutes with Red Tassels - The Authentic Feng Shui Flute.

Feng Shui Floor Plans: How Missing Areas In Your Floor Plan Could Impact Your Cash Flow

describe the image

Image Source: Feng Shui For Us

When you lay the bagua over the floor plan of your home or apartment, you may discover your home is not a perfect square or rectangle. This creates “additions” or “missing areas” in the bagua, which can affect many areas of your life, including your:

- fortune
- finances
- family life
- career advancement
- relationships with others
- marriage or love life
- relationship with your children
- health
- status
- ability to receive help from others... and more.

Every area of the bagua affects an important area of your life. If that area of the bagua is missing, your life will suffer in that area. On the other hand, an addition in the area can lead to increase wealth, health, social status, great relationships and more.

How Can You Tell If An Area is Missing or Enhanced?

If a segment of your floor plan extends beyond the main rectangle or square of a home and is less than 1/2 of the total length or depth of the house (depending on where the extension lies), then this is an “addition.” You will find this area of your life enhanced. You don't need to do anything about an addition, other than enjoy its effects.

You may also lay out your home to take advantage of the addition. For instance, an addition in the wealth or creativity and children area would be a good place to set up a home office. Consider placing a library or study room in an addition in the knowledge area.

You may be missing an area of the bagua if the extension on your home is greater than one half the total length or width of the house.

If the distances are equal, you can use your intuition to determine whether you have an addition or a missing area -- does the house feel like it has an extension that goes beyond the main area of the house, or does it feel as if part of the main floor plan is missing?
Also consider some of the tribulations or successes you are facing in your life. Do they point to a missing area of the bagua (for instance, are you having money problems?) Or is an area of your life enhanced?

Cures for Missing Areas

There are several Feng Shui cures for a missing area. You can hang a mirror on the wall to project into the missing area. You can shine outdoor, all-weather lights on the missing area to “fill in” that space on the bagua.

You can also enhance the living chi of that space by planting shrubs or flowers that correspond with the elemental colors of that section of the bagua. For instance, a purple lilac bush in the wealth area will “complete” that segment of the bagua and help improve your financial situation.

Do you have missing areas or extensions in your floor plan?

Feng Shui Car Colors: How To Select The Best Color For Your Car Using Feng Shui

Feng Shui Car ColorsShopping for a car? You can select a car in a color to help balance your chi. For instance, if you are a bit low-key and would like to inject more energy into your life, a red car will get your own internal motors revving. On the other hand, a black or gray car will calm road rage in someone who is easily excitable.

You can choose a car using the five-element destructive or creative cycle color schemes, or you can select a car based on your Chinese Zodiac sign. Unlike Western horoscopes, which rely on your month of birth to calculate your sign, the Chinese Zodiac depends on the year you were born. You can use this chart to find out your sign.

Just as elements and segments of the bagua relate to certain colors, so do Chinese zodiac animals. Choosing a color car that relates to your Chinese Zodiac sign will enhance your chi and bring good fortune.

Choosing a Color for a Shared Car

Many couples have one car that they share. You'll see from the list below that there is lots of overlap in colors that correspond to the Chinese Zodiac signs. It may be easy to select a car color that will work well with both owners.

You can also select “complementary” colors, based on the five-element color cycle, which gives you even more options to select a car color that fits both owners and that also fits your personal taste.

If you can't find a matching color, you can select a two-toned car to relate to each person's best color, or you can select a color for the primary driver and apply racing stripes or accents in the spouse's color. You can also choose an exterior to match one partner and the interior to be a good fit for the other driver.

Remember, your chi is the most important factor in selecting a color for your car. For instance, if you were born in the year of the horse but are prone to speeding tickets and need to balance your “fire” chi, don't select a red car.

Here are the colors that correspond to the 12 animals of the Chinese Zodiac:

Rat: black
Ox: black, green, dark green
Tiger: black, green, dark green
Rabbit: Green, blue
Dragon: blue, green, pink, red, purple
Snake: blue, green, pink, red, purple
Horse: red, pink
Ram: brown, red, pink
Monkey: brown, red, pink
Rooster: white
Dog: white, gray, black
Pig: white, gray, black

What color car do you currently drive? Does it complement your chi and your Chinese Zodiac sign?

How To Select The Best Feng Shui Location for a New Home or Business

Feng Shui lot
Are you looking for land on which to build a new home or start a business? In addition to assessing the chi of the land, the health of plants and animals in the area, and the chi of your neighbors, you'll want to look at the shape of the land.

A regular shaped plot -- square or rectangle -- is best, because all sections of the bagua will be represented. A square or rectangular plot of land also gives a sense of "wholeness" to the area.
If your land is irregularly shaped, look for a plot with "additions," rather than missing segments.

If the area that sticks out is smaller than half the width or length of the rest of the plot, this is an addition and you will experience greater fortune in the area of life corresponding to the bagua addition.

For instance, a business owner may look for a plot of land with an addition in the "wealth" area for increased success. A family may find an addition in the "children" section most desirable.

Cures for "Missing" Segments of the Bagua

If your plot of land has missing segments, don't despair. You can fix these segments and bring fortune to your life using:
- Flowers planted on the property in colors that correspond with the missing segment of the bagua
- Lights that shine to "complete" that area of the property
- Trees
- Water elements such as a fountain or pond

Need help with land selection for a new home or business? During a Feng Shui consultation for land selection, I will consider all the Feng Shui factors of a property to help you find a place where your life or business will thrive for years to come.

3 Feng Shui Ways To Use Plants For Creating Positive Changes

Feng Shui Plants For Home

It's spring, and the perfect time to dress up your house with a few potted plants or live flowers. Perhaps you received Easter lilies from visitors last week, or hit the sales at your local home improvement garden center to find plants that thrive in spring's warm sun.

In Feng Shui, plants are often used as cures, to fill in “missing areas” of the ba-gua and for general health improvement. Because plants release oxygen and use the carbon dioxide we release into the air from breathing, their health benefits are not just symbolic -- they are very real.

Plants, like any other living thing, including pets, help the chi circulate through a space. Even if you opt for fake plants (high-end silk plants are best), you'll still see the Feng Shui benefits as long as they are placed properly.

Plants to Soften Sharp Angles
When a room has an odd, acute angle, or a sharp-cornered column, you can lessen the “poison arrow” effect by placing a plant in the corner or in front of the column, respectively.

Plants to Slow Chi
When you wish to slow down fast-rushing chi, such as long hallway  or when a window and multiple doorways line up (creating a tunnel effect), use plants to disperse the chi more evenly. You can place the plant in the window or between the door and window. For a long hallway, you can stagger the plants along the wall.

Plants and the Ba Gua
You can use plants to resolve a missing section of the bagua by hanging the plant outside in the “missing” space or inside adjacent to the missing area. If you want to enhance a particular aspect of your life (for instance, health, wealth or creativity), hang or set plants in the corresponding section of the bagua.

How To Use Feng Shui to Create a Happy Home and Healthy Body

Feng Shui Health

In Feng Shui terms, our home is a direct reflection of our body and, therefore, our health. It is also an expression of our psychological and spiritual state. In this way, Feng Shui affects and reflects our:

- environment
- body
- mind

If the passageways of our home or apartment are blocked -- by clutter or due to bad design -- we may feel stuck in our lives, unable to advance in our careers or to even get out of our own way.

When we maintain a space, keeping it clean and orderly, we send a powerful transcendental message to the universe that we are ready to accept abundance in every area of our life. In a mundane and practical sense, keeping a home or apartment neat and clean makes us always ready to welcome guests and makes us feel more calm, relaxed and organized.

We can look at the parts of the home as corresponding to parts of the human body, where:

- the electrical wiring is our circulatory system

- the plumbing corresponds to the human body's plumbing -- “bad pipes” in the home may create infertility issues with a couple

- walls represent our skin

- the front left and right of the house or apartment represents your hands

- the roof ridge pole, a main support structure in a house, represents both the human back and head

- the front door may represent the head but can also represent the birth canal, especially if a woman in the home or apartment is pregnant.

We can also apply the eight trigrams of the ba gua to main parts of the human body.

Do I Need a Compass for Feng Shui?

ba gua map

Many clients who sign up for Feng Shui consultations have previously attempted to implement Feng Shui cures themselves and gotten confused before they began. Some schools of Feng Shui recommend using a special Feng Shui compass to determine true North and base the ba gua on that direction, with the career trigram in the northern section of the house.

But Feng Shui doesn't have to be complicated. Look around your house. Can you point to your front door? In most homes, this is the “mouth of Chi,” where the energy enters.

If you can find the front door, you can apply the ba gua to any space. You can lay down the ba gua in any room, placing the career center in the middle of the front wall. Your front door may, in fact, fall in the Helpful People or Knowledge section of the ba gua if it is not centered in the front of your house. This happens more frequently in rooms, rather than houses, where a door is situated near the right or left wall.

What if I have more than one entrance?

If you have more than one entrance to your house, chances are you use one more frequently. Some people use their side door more often, and the flow of traffic through their house begins at that door. You should then lay out the ba gua with that door as the mouth of chi. Often, you can use your intuition to decide which door is your primary door.

What do you do with the ba gua?

Once you've laid down the ba gua, either physically on a two-dimensional blueprint or in your mind, you can begin to evaluate what challenges you may be facing as a result of bad Feng Shui and how you can activate the chi in certain areas of your house to fix these problems.

How To Use A Feng Shui BaGua Mirror

Bagua Mirror
If you ever visit a Chinese Souvenir shop or Feng Shui shop, you'll notice these octagonal shaped mirrors with lines (trigrams representing each section of the BaGua) painted on wood around them. Many people like the looks of them but may not know why or how you should use them.

The BaGua mirror is used to diffuse strong energy directed towards a specific point. A general guideline is that they should never be hung inside a home or business and only be used on the outside. There are special circumstances when you would hang one indoors but 98% of the time, always on the outside of a residence or business.

Examples of when to use a BaGua Mirror:
1) If your home or business is at the end of a T-Intersection,
2) if you have a corner or sharp object pointing at the front door,
3) if you are experiencing unpleasant energy from a particular area around your home or business.

It is then appropriate to hang a BaGua Mirror pointing towards that direction. Many times, if a person is having difficulty with a neighbor or receiving tension from a particular location, a bagua mirror can be hung pointing towards that direction. Individuals typically notice a shift of energy right away.

The most common position is to place it over the front door for a business or home. Keep in mind that this should be diffusing energy that you find difficult and not necessarily because you just thought it should be there because it was for sale in a store.

I recently visited a home that had 6 BaGua mirrors hanging in the bedroom and hallway. I asked the individual why and they said, I don't know, because I thought that is what you were supposed to do and I always saw them at the store so I picked up a couple.

There actually was a recent law suit in San Fransisco's China Town where a store owner was suing another store owner because they placed a BaGua mirror over their door and was pointing at their business. This is the wrong approach when thinking about a BaGua mirror. It does not necessarily reflect the energy or send energy back to that location to make them suffer but actually is a method to transform the energy and disperse the energy.

So the next time you see a BaGua mirror, don't feel that you need to purchase it for Feng Shui unless you have a specific reason for placing it.

To purchase a BaGua mirror or other Feng Shui items, visit

Ever had difficulties with a loud or noisy neighbor?

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How To Use The Feng Shui BaGua To Analyze Your Space

feng shui ba gua map

The Feng Shui BaGua, an arrangement of eight trigrams and a center, serves as a map to match various components of your life with the corresponding areas in your physical world. This can be placed over the shape of a lot, the floor plan of a house or an individual room.

The main entry point is always located at the bottom of the ba gau. So you would overlay the ba gau over a room or floor plan and see that the door would either be in the knowledge and wisdom section, career section, or travel and helpful people section.

And the back left hand side of a room is always the wealth and prosperity area when standing in the doorway looking into a room. This also means that the back right area of a room is the area associated with love and relationships.

Use the diagram below to evaluate the rooms in your home. What do you have in your wealth areas? What objects do you have placed in your love and relationship areas of your bedroom?

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