Feng Shui Your Desk For Wealth, Productivity & Action

So many people turn to Feng Shui because they want to attract more money and income. 

One of the first places to start is the Feng Shui of your desk. And it doesn't matter if it's at home or in an office environment.

All to often, when I'm consulting for clients, I review their desk area and notice some big mistakes that are blocking their success. And with a few quick adjustments, they are productive, focused and having fun.
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What To Do When Your Spouse, Friends or Family Believe Feng Shui is Nonsense

Have you ever been excited to share your passion about Feng Shui with someone - only to be laughed at or made fun of?


Maybe you really love Feng Shui but your significant other, children or friends don’t believe in it and think it’s all a bunch of nonsense?

If so, I made this episode for you.

In this episode, I share with you what I tell others that don’t believe in Feng Shui. And what you can do if you want to implement Feng Shui in a house with non-believers.

As I started this episode, I got a little carried away and shared a very personal story about why I started to use Feng Shui in my own life.  

And you’ll also hear me talk about a time when a therapist fired me as her client… Ouch!

A true blessing in disguise :)

So don’t be afraid, put your fears & self-doubt aside. Watch this episode and see if it makes sense to you.

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Feng Shui For Money: Wealth vs. Prosperity

The #1 reason people use Feng Shui is to bring more money and wealth into their life.

But what if I told you... that is not how it works?

And those that seek help with Feng Shui for that reason are making a BIG mistake.

Let’s be honest...

You have specific challenge(s) in your life that you’re looking to change or improve.

What if you just….

-    Spend your time identifying spending habits and where your money is going?
-    Focus on ways to increase your income?
-    Invest in growing your career?
-    Or find investment opportunities that will help you in the short and long term?

These are all relevant action items that you can start doing today.

However, many of you may just feel stuck from time to time and not know what step to take first. As a result, you take NO step.

Or, you feel so drained… you no longer have the will power or persistence to take the next step. 

Maybe you’ve had great success in many areas of your life but this one area is a struggle and you don’t know why. 

In today's episode we’re talking about how Feng Shui is used to attract more money. 

This is so simple but so misunderstood.

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Feng Shui For Love: Truth & Myth of Mandarin Ducks & Your Love Life

Here's what happens when you put a pair of Feng Shui Mandarin Ducks in your love & relationship area… This may surprise you.

Today’s episode is all about using Feng Shui to attract passionate love and the kind of relationship that is actually perfect for you.

Many times, once my Feng Shui clients finally reach out to me for help, they’re frustrated with their love life and desperately seeking change.

But what happens before I see them?

Typically, they all try many of the traditional routes. This can range from reading articles, talking with friends, professional therapy, journaling, going out and trying to be more social, signing up for dating sites, etc. And when they don’t get the results they're seeking... they increase their search of what they can do to improve their love life.

This brings them to Feng Shui. They’ll start reading all kinds of articles that tell them to add this, that and other in their home or bedroom. That they need to buy specific items  to place in their Feng Shui relationship area to draw in the partner of their dreams.   

Some of these love trinkets may include a pair of Mandarin Ducks. And when that doesn’t work, they continue searching for what else they can place in their love corner to attract the love of their life, get married, have a family and live happily ever after.

Unfortunately, the desired outcome rarely happens.  

In today’s episode, we’re talking about Feng Shui, mandarin ducks and your love corner.

If you've ever struggled with attracting the type of partner and relationship that is actually perfect for you, this episode is for you.  

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Mirror Facing Front Door In Feng Shui: The Truth & Myth Explained

Have you ever heard that having a mirror directly across from your front door or entrance is bad Feng Shui?

In today’s episode, we’re talking about the Feng Shui myth and truth about having a mirror placed directly opposite your front door.

Some believe that having a mirror directly across from your front door is a Feng Shui no, no. That it pushes the energy right back out the door. And with it, pushes out your money, health, wealth and new opportunities.

Keep in mind, that if the chi or energy is not first able to flow freely into your home, it won’t matter much what you do inside the home because it will have such a small impact due to the lack of chi.

And more than likely, you’ll feel tired and constantly exhausted resulting in no energy to actually take action if the chi is not circulating inside your home.

So if you’ve struggled with understanding Feng Shui and having a mirror facing or being directly across from your front door, today’s episode is for you.

And you'll also discover how you can create a front entrance that will welcome new opportunities that bring with it wealth, health, abundance, career growth and a vibrant love life.

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How To Feng Shui You & Your Outfit For Christmas Parties To Gain Attention & Recognition

Do you ever get nervous, anxious or apprehensive about holiday parties?

Do you worry about coming across in the right way, putting your best foot forward and even using the opportunity to advance your career, find romance or meet new friends?

It's that time of the year again and that means holiday parties.

Whether it's a holiday gala, company party, friend or family's gathering, it can lead to anxiety, apprehension and the feeling of being nervous.

So I want to tackle these concerns this week to help you feel good and come across at these holiday parties in the right way.

Where you're connected with your true self with confidence, joy and inner peace. Where you feel truly grounded and not have to feel like you need to do a full court press to gain attention and recognition.

Where you feel comfortable in conversations with new people and can make new friends. Or, can easily reconnect with old friends in a casual, relaxed and fun way.

In this episode, I'm going to share with you 5 quick tips to Feng Shui you and your outfit to gain attention and recognition at this year's holiday parties.

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How To Place Your Christmas Tree For Wealth & Abundance Using Feng Shui

Today I want to tackle a topic that 88% of all Americans participate in during the month of December...

That is the putting up of a Christmas tree.

It's only a matter of time before many of you will be setting up and decorating your Christmas tree for the holidays. And for many of you, this signifies the start of the holiday season in your home.

The Christmas tree can be such a key element for many of those that celebrate Christmas. There will be pictures taken by the tree decorating, relaxing, gifting and the inevitable activity of taking down of the tree. Although some may take longer than others to take down their tree.

With such an important part of the holiday, have you given it much thought on the placement of your Christmas Tree?

In today's episode you'll learn the best placement of your Christmas tree from a Feng Shui perspective to welcome more wealth and abundance. And who can't use a little more of that during the holidays and leading into the New Year?

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Feng Shui Fish: How To Determine The Best Fish For Maximum Abundance

The number one reason people start using Feng Shui
is because they want more money and wealth.

And many associate wealth with the water element. As a result, they add fish tanks in their homes to activate specific areas.

A common question then becomes, what is the ultimate Feng Shui fish to have in their aquariums?

This is followed by the questions around the best type, color, and number of fish to have in their fish tank for the best Feng Shui results.  

They ask about what some claim to be the “ultimate Feng Shui fish” such as the flower horn fish or the arowana.

Some want to know if they should have a certain number of goldfish and a certain number of black colored goldfish.

So I’m here to set the record straight on what the best Feng Shui fish is.

And it may surprise you.

I also reveal a common misconception about wealth, Feng Shui and the water element.

Now, I’d love to hear from you.

Do you have an aquarium or fish tank? What type of fish do you have in it?

Would you ever consider purchasing an aquarium to improve the Feng Shui of your home?

Leave a comment below and let me know.

Thank you so much for reading, watching and sharing. I truly appreciate it and you!
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How To Use Feng Shui To Make Extra Money For That One-Off Purchase You've Been Dreaming Of

Have you ever wondered…

If I could just make a little extra money, I could finally take a vacation because it’s been so long since I’ve taken a relaxing, fun-filled trip.

If so, you’re going to love today’s episode of KenLauherTV.

Often times we work so hard all year long just to keep up with our bills and daily responsibilities. And that can mean that there is not much left over for those one-off purchases that would make our life and our experiences a little better.

As time goes by, we stop doing what we used to love to do or we start living smaller.

So to honor the greatness in you, here are some Feng Shui tips to help you break free from the day to day and earn that little extra for a one-off purchase that excites you.

Maybe it’s for that long overdue vacation to a place that you love to visit but have not been for awhile.

Or maybe it’s a trip that you’ve been wanting to take but for some reason time, money and excuses always get in the way.

Or maybe, it is something that you’ve been wanting for a long time but always seems to be just outside of your purchasing power.

Watch this episode and see what you can do to help earn that little extra to make that one-off purchase a reality.

In the comments below, I’d love to hear from you. What is in your Fame and Recognition area? What items do you have located in that space?

What would be your one-off purchase when you earn that little extra?

I’m excited to see what you share.

As always, thank you for watching, reading and contributing.
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Feng Shui House Numbers: The Truth, Myth & Meaning

One of the biggest questions most people have is whether or not their address is good or bad.

It typically goes something like this. “I’m looking to move to a new place, and the number of the place is 14. Is that good or bad.


My house number is 4. No wonder I’m having such terrible luck. What can I do to remedy my house number?

Sometimes people will employ numerology – the symbolism of numbers – to help try to assess their current situation and the chi or energy of a home, apartment or place of business.

So in today’s episode, I’m going to explain the importance, priority and evaluation of the house number in Feng Shui.

My explanation may shock you…

I'm curious...

Have you ever thought about, evaluated or stressed about the numbers in your address?

Have you ever tried to figure out how to remedy your address?

Leave a comment below and share your story - including the biggest take-away lesson you learned.

Remember, the more detail you share, the better. As this could be the missing piece to helping someone else in our community.

As always, thank you for reading, watching and sharing. I appreciate you!
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