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Clarity To Success System

There are several practices that are necessary in order to know how to get along with yourself One Anyone who is extremely emotional or is restless w

If you're presently evaluating your level of achievement based on how much you've accumulated prepare to sense a major shift in your state

How is it possible for a Divine creation to be unworthy You are and always have been a piece of God And you know by now that all beings come from

Do you find yourself at times getting so frustrated and emotional over what someone said, the way they approached you or how they responded?

I am thankful for...

By Ken Lauher • April 21, 2010

Today is a day that I am truly happy. Not all days are this euphoric experience where I just exude sunshine but these experiences seem to be

Tiger Woods updated the world on his spiritual development in Augusta Ga stating that he now meditates religiously again

A young couple moved into a new neighborhood The next morning while they were eating breakfast The young woman saw her neighbor hanging the wash out

Compassion and Excuses

By Ken Lauher • March 25, 2010

It is impossible to need excuses when the focus of life shifts to How may I serve Thinking of others first - reaching out to them despite how it

In your efforts to get along with others do not be a doormat or everyone will want to run your life for you If they cannot dominate you they get

Ultimately you are not taking responsibility for life until you take responsibility for this moment - Now This is because Now is the only place where