"Whatever Is Not Mine, Let It Go!"


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"Whatever Is Not Mine, Let It Go!"


YoganandaWhy be jealous? If you give someone your love and it is not appreciated, if that person does not want you, or gives to another the recognition you think you deserve, jealousy certainly will not hold that person or cure the strain in the relationship.

Making prisoners of one another with jealousy and demands will certainly not produce happiness. Successful relationships can grow only in trust and love. Love survives in respect, usefulness, and freedom from possessiveness.

So what is the remedy? Any time jealousy tries to bind you, make strong affirmations: "I am free from the bondage of jealousy and fear. Whatever is mine will be mine; whatever is not mine, let it go!" When you will be free from all jealousy and fear, your life will be wonderful. You can be free.

What is yours will be yours, and what is not meant for you would not make you happy. Fulfillment lies in constantly improving yourself so that instead of your seeking others, others will seek you. Give love and friendship without expecting or demanding anything in return. Expectation will make you a victim of misery.

Even while striving to improve yourself, learn to stand alone, secure in your own virtues and self-worth. If you want others to believe in you, remember, it isn't only your worlds that have an effect, but what you are and what you feel within - what is in your soul.

Always strive to be an angel within, no matter how others behave. Be sincere, kind, loving, and understanding. Anyone who does not respond to goodness is not worthy of your attention. Even if you have to lose a loved one, it is better to let him go thinking of you as an angel rather than as a green-eyed monster of jealousy. Leave with that person a beautiful thought of your love, and that love will ever remain in his heart.

- Journey To Self-Realization by Paramahansa Yogananda

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With this attitude of being an angel within I was left homeless with my vulnerable daughter after twenty years of marriage to my deeply beloved husband who abandoned us for young exotic girl from China and become a monster to us- his family 
He has good position at the Leicester University, almost professor now, enjoying his life with the girl and leaving us to complete poverty and suffering
Posted @ Wednesday, December 23, 2009 6:12 AM by Tasha
Still learning to let go of what is not mine. Thanks Ken! You had perfect timing with this one...as always. :) Peace to you.
Posted @ Wednesday, December 23, 2009 12:03 PM by Donna Vail
If you love something let it go if it comes back to you its yours if not it never was
Posted @ Friday, December 25, 2009 11:42 PM by jega
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