describe the imageDo you believe tests and experts can tell us what our true potential is?

What we are capable of and how that will predict our future?

When you are in a place of contraction, frustration and weakness, the mind will say yes, that may actually be true.

However, when you operating from a place of peace, purpose and passion that generates confidence and certainty, then the belief is NO WAY.

There are so many examples of men and women who were thought to not have the talent, skills or mindset to accomplish great things. But time and time again, they are proved wrong.

The goal is to have mindset that you are not going to get it perfect at the start. The potential of someone's capacity is to develop their mindset and skill set with action over time.

That means that you don't have to swing for the fences every single day hoping and praying to hit that home run.

Those with a growth mindset know that it takes time, energy and investment for your true potential to blossom.

What is one action you can take today in your health, wealth, relationships, environment or well-being that will expand your potential and enable you to blossom over time?


describe the image- Is it when you don't make any mistakes?

- When you finish something fast and it's perfect?

- When something is easy for you but others are not able to do it?

For some, it's that feeling and need that they want to be perfect right NOW.

Or, does this describe you?

- When it's really hard, and I have to focus with all my power and do something that I couldn't do before.

- When you work on something for a long time and you start to figure it out.

For this group, their mindset is not about immediate perfection. It's about confronting challenges, growing, making progress and learning over time.

Take a moment to soak this in and ask yourself, "What areas in my life am I looking to just show up and have it be perfect?"

And, "what can I do to give myself permission to grow, experience and make adjustments in my mindset for improvement over the near and long term?"


RevelationWhen we experience a set back in life, it can easily compound into full slide sideways or backwards.

The MIND can then trick you in having you believe that the world is out to get you or it's just too hard.

With that, it creates a feeling of being stuck and frozen with no actions to take.

When you SHIFT your story and your mindset, you can begin to realize that it is just information.

And with that information is opportunity.

Maybe you need to take a difference course of action or course correct. Maybe, that person that bothered you was having a bad day and it was not really about you.

You don't have to pretend that it was the BEST day. But you can look for simple opportunities to improve your mindset and your actions.

When you have a confident mindset, you don't throw up your hands and give up. Even though they were stressed and frustrated with a result or outcome, they are ready to get clear, take action, confront their challenges and do the work.

So, what is one thing you viewed or labeled as a negative and you enabled it to impact other areas of your life?

What is one thing you can do to shift the story you are telling yourself so that you can move on and expand your possibilities?

Mastery Of Your Mind

Master Your MindIQ tests were originally created by Alfred Binet. It was not meant to summarize the children's unchangeable INTELLIGENCE...

It was designed to identify children who were not benefiting from public schools in Paris, so that new educational programs could be DESIGNED to get them back on track.

He believed that education and practice could bring about fundamental CHANGES in intelligence.

Robert Sternberg, the present-day guru of intelligence believes the MAJOR FACTOR in whether people achieve expertise "is not some fixed prior ability, but PURPOSEFUL ENGAGEMENT."

And as many who have recognized, it's not always the people who START OUT the smartest who end up the smartest.

The hand you're dealt with is the STARTING POINT...

But to expand and grow your mindset is based on the belief that your basic quality's are things you can CULTIVATE through your efforts.

Everyone can CHANGE and grow through application and experience.

The passion for stretching yourself and sticking to it, even when it's not going well, is the hallmark of the growth mindset.

This is the mindset that allows people to thrive during some of the most challenging times in their lives.

So, what could you cultivate or have purposeful engagement with to expand your possibilities, growth and capacity?

Get Back to Nature in a BubbleTree Tent

bubblelodge sm resized 600Interested in camping in style? I'd have to rate these BubbleTree tents, created by French designer Pierre Stephane Dumas, as pure positive Feng Shui.

The circular shape with no sharp corners permits chi to flow to every square foot of the portable, inflatable structure. They isolate you from the elements in the way a typical tent can't, yet give you an up-close-and-personal view of nature.

The half-opaque BubbleRoom offers more privacy than the completely transparent CristalBubble, but both include enough space for a bed and sitting area. (You'll have to cook outside.)

inside bubble lodge resized 600The BubbleLodge includes a second, smaller bedroom for the kids or as a sitting and dining area or reading room.

BubbleTree also provides electricity and hardwood floor options for more permanent, albeit small, living arrangements.

As a New York City Feng Shui consultant, I'm a big proponent of getting back to nature. I like to begin my days with exercise in Central Park, and love relaxing with a walk through the woods (or the closest New York City has to offer.)

Taking time to appreciate nature can help fight depression, boost your immune system, and help you to relax. These BubbleTree tents make it easy to do so, without a lot of the hassles of camping in a regular tent, while putting you closer to nature than camping in an RV.

I don't know if I'd invest in a BubbleTree, but I wouldn't mind spending a weekend away in one! You can do the same, since a number of retreats in France offer BubbleTree accommodations. If the price tag is too hefty, consider a conventional camping retreat, or just enjoy dinner on your back patio -- or your city rooftop -- to take time to appreciate the spring.

Bringing Love Into Your Life The RIGHT Way

feng shui love

Excerpt from Feng Shui Secrets: What Everyone Should Know About How to Be Successful with Feng Shui.

“I recently did a Feng Shui consultation for a woman who was seeking the love of her life. She had read a bit about Feng Shui, learned how to lay the Ba Gua over a space, and wanted to use Feng Shui cures in the Marriage area of the master bedroom in order to attract a mate.

“She had red roses, pink hearts, kissing doves, a pair of lamps, and all manner of items (all in pairs) clustered in that corner. She also used items that represented traits she wanted in her perfect mate: loyalty, intelligence, a sense of humor, good with children, etc. etc.

“The shelf looked like a shrine to love -- but it actually told a different story. All those items showed me that she was scattering her energies. I suggested she focus on a few key points that she wanted in a mate, and then pick one object that embodied the most important traits and also had significance to her.

“She cleared off the shelf, chose her favorite keepsake, and made a special spot for it in the Marriage corner of her home.

“A few weeks later, she met a man that is everything she's ever wanted in her life. Was the power in the object? The object had the power she gave it. Focusing on her goal, expecting she would meet her future husband, and living with intention made it happen. Remember, everything is energy, so our thoughts truly do manifest into things, or people, or the living situations we desire.”

Want More Feng Shui Secrets?
Want to learn more about what your home says about you? You'll find powerful Feng Shui secrets to make your space ready for love, greater wealth, prestige, success and everything else you desire in Feng Shui Secrets: What Everyone Should Know About How to Be Successful with Feng Shui.

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Important Notice! Feng Shui Secrets eBook Is Now Live!

feng shui bookA short time ago, I alluded to an exciting announcement that could positively impact the lives of thousands and thousands of readers of this blog.

That time has come, and I'm excited to announce the release of my first eBook, "Feng Shui Secrets: What Everyone Should Know About How To Be Successful With Feng Shui."

We (myself and my support staff, including copy editors, proofreaders and designers) worked very hard for more than six months to bring you this comprehensive, yet easy-to-read Feng Shui guidebook.

I like to think of it as a Feng Shui consultation in PDF format. It will give you practical tips you can apply today to make positive changes in your life -- guaranteed.

More Than Just “Cures”

This isn’t just rearranging furniture, painting walls or hanging wind chimes in your door. It's about using intention, intuition and Feng Shui to make real positive changes in your life -- for the rest of your life.

If you're looking for a quick fix to your problems -- Feng Shui can work very rapidly. In Feng Shui Secrets: What Everyone Should Know About How to Be Successful with Feng Shui, you'll read the story of one couple who was facing foreclosure. They used Feng Shui on their home's entryway and, within days, found the money they needed to keep their home.

The Most Powerful Testimonial

You'll hear many more inspirational stories in the book, too. You'll even discover the inside story of how Feng Shui helped me to find my true purpose, change my life, and experience happiness and fulfillment like I never before imagined.

Just a Few Feng Shui Secrets You'll Learn

Inside this new eBook, you'll find out:
•    How to apply the Ba Gua to your home, apartment or any room to improve your fortune and empower specific areas of your life
•    How to set your goals and then adjust your living space to help you achieve them.
•    The common mistake people make in their master bedroom that keeps them from the closeness and intimacy they desire
•    The simple Feng Shui remedies that will increase your income immediately
•    How to use Feng Shui in every area of your home or apartment to achieve all the peace, happiness and success you want in life!

I'd like to share with you a lot more of what it takes to Feng Shui a space - so I've set it up so you can get a no-risk trial copy of my eBook, “Feng Shui Secrets”. You'll learn EXACTLY what it takes to set up your space so success happens fast… and so you're never without these ancient secrets again.

Want to learn more?
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How Are Those New Year's Resolutions Going?

New Year ResolutionsHundreds of studies quote the disheartening statistics: Most people abandon their New Year's resolutions by February. Some studies say at least 50% of people hold out until March with their resolutions, but then give them up just as spring arrives.

Some reasons resolutions fail?

- Not having a clear plan for success
- Aiming too high, such as quitting smoking cold turkey or vowing to change all your bad eating habits at once
- Not having a support system
- The home or work environment doesn't support and encourage success

One Step in the Right Direction is All It Takes

We all know how we feel when we succeed at something. It feels pretty good, doesn't it? When we experience early success with our goals, it makes us want to do more. It gives us encouragement that we really can do it.

More importantly, it gives us a “model” for our success. If we succeeded once, all we have to do is to do that exact same thing, while we're in the exact same frame of mind, in order to succeed again. Then we do it again. And again. Until that new, desirable behavior actually becomes our new habit.

Change Your Surroundings to Change Your State and Your Life

Once we know what success feels like, we can also use Feng Shui to change our surroundings so it supports our new successful state of mind. This can involve “mundane” remedies, such as prohibiting smoking by visitors in our home and cleaning that smoky smell from our linens, clothing and upholstery, or getting rid of all the junk food in our house or apartment.

But you can multiply your results with Feng Shui remedies. Place anchoring objects in your home, in the appropriate Ba Gua trigrams, when possible, to remind you of your early success. Buy yourself a small token gift when you first achieve that early success. Looking at that object will put you back in that positive state of mind, where you can succeed again and again.

Improve the Flow of Chi with Feng Shui

When we're living in an environment that feels relaxing and secure, where the flow of energy is positive, it puts us in a better state to achieve, and to continue achieving, our life goals.

I'm putting the finishing touches on a very exciting project that I hope will help thousands of people improve the flow of chi in their lives, guide them toward setting clear, attainable goals, developing an action plan to achieve those goals, and using Feng Shui to help them along the way.

Stay tuned for an exciting announcement tomorrow that just may hold the answers you're looking for.

feng shui guide

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Looking for Something More? Feng Shui Answers to Life Obstacles

Feng Shui SecretsIf you've been reading this blog for a while, you have a pretty good idea that the Feng Shui advice and tips I offer are easy to implement, grounded in practical solutions for today's lifestyle, and keep your personal tastes and styles in mind.

You also know that I understand -- and want you to understand -- that there's a lot more to Feng Shui than clearing clutter, moving furniture, and adding some plants or wind chimes to your home or apartment.

Maybe -- I hope -- you've implemented a lot of my tips and remedies and seen some good results. But you feel like there's something more. A piece of the puzzle you're missing. And that's absolutely true.

“Years of Study... Six Months in the Making”

It's impossible to take people on a true Feng Shui journey through a collection of short posts. I can't walk you through your home, room by room, to assess the flow of chi, the way colors work together, and how your belongings function (or don't function) within your space. At least, not in a few hundred words. Given a bit more time and space, however, I can share with you enough knowledge that you can do it yourself.

That's why I'm really excited to announce a new project that's been more than six months in creation and is based on my years and years of study with top Feng Shui masters, hundreds of in-person and phone consultations, and my personal experiences with the life-changing results of Feng Shui.

I don't want to reveal too much yet, as the project is in its final stage right now. (Although if you've been paying attention, you can probably guess what's coming!)

But I will promise you this: My loyal readers will find out about it first. And you'll have a special opportunity to take advantage of an introductory offer.

I'm offering you the chance to be one of the first people to tap into ancient yet practical Feng Shui secrets everyone should know to be successful with Feng Shui. If you're not already on my mailing list, enter your email address at the right to sign up to receive free Feng Shui tips and find out about what is, probably, the most exciting offer I've ever made as a Feng Shui expert.

feng shui guide

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New Year, New Direction

I'm really excited about 2011 and I hope you are too. The past year has been amazing and I am so grateful to have met many of you online and offline. And thankful for the many of you who have taken the time to share with me your kindness regarding my Daily Words of Wisdom.

ken lauher feng shui consultant

With the new year, I am making some changes. One of those being the updates to the Daily Wisdom. I realize so many of you have enjoyed receiving these nuggets of information in your inbox but I have decided that it is time for me to stop sharing the words of others and start sharing my own words and thoughts.

Although I will be posting and updating here every so often, it will not be a daily occurance as I'm focusing on producing valuable content to you in different ways with a focus on Feng Shui so that I can help as many people as possible through its wonderful benefits.

So take a moment to subscribe to my Feng Shui Tips if you have not done so already.

I have a great 2011 planned so please join me in this journey and together we shall live our lives with purpose.

With love and compassion,