On-Site Space Cleansing With Blessing Method

Sometimes an environment suffers from difficult invisible influences...

Feng shui suggests that the health, finances, success and happiness of previous tenants can affect you in the present. If the last inhabitants experienced a divorce, illness, death or financial loss, those energy patterns become imprinted on your environment.

This energy debris can be a result of negative emotions, thoughts, occurrences, stress or financial difficulties that you or past tenants have experienced.

Or of predecessors' lifestyles, the energy of horrific events, draining of yin chi, a feeling of evil, or the presence of actual entities.

Many times you have no way of knowing what happened in the past so it is extremely important to cleanse the environment of any negative residue. The goal is to bring in healthy, positive and prosperous energy into your surroundings.

With an on-site space cleansing, I address the energetic cleansing of your space
with the Chen Pi Purification Space Cleansing method, which is similar to the Native American practice of smudging with sage but, most of the time, it is even more effective.

This purification is carried out using both fresh orange peel and aged dried tangerine skin, called chen pi, which is available in both Chinese medicine and food stores. This method alone creates a dramatic improvement in the energy your space. This is carried out using mantra and other techniques to help cleanse your space to create a healthy, harmonious and balanced space.

This is followed with a blessing method to bless the entire space to help bring positive chi to the space so that you can retain it and distribute it throughout the home or property.

When the chi flows, the occupants of a property are healthier, more vibrant and perform better, hence contributing to their wealth and ability to capitalize on opportunities.

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