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Coaching / Consulting


How to Work With Ken...

To inquire about working with Ken personally, fill out this brief form here.

Over the last 10 years, Ken has advised and helped many of the entrepreneurs, executives and high-achievers that you hear about today. His focus is to help unlock the hidden power within a person's environment to generate breakthrough results in their personal and professional life for unprecedented success.

His receipe for achieving unprecedented success and clarity comes from his unique skills of being an entrepreneur, business and life strategist, Feng Shui Expert and Intuitive Guide.  

Through his real-world approach, he has helped his clients increase revenues and incomes from thousands into tens and hundreds of thousands, and for some from tens of thousands into the millions, launch new brands, reposition themselves as leaders in their professional life, create clarity into action that drives results, ignite personal growth in his clients in their personal life including their health, wealth and relationships, and more. 

Ken's consulting and coaching is so influential that many of his clients believe him to be a superhero called, "The Clarifier." Helping them uncover the hidden blocakges that sabatage their success and how to create the mental and physical shift to achieve the success they know is physically possible. 

ken_lauher_om_times-resized-600.pngKen prefers working with a select number of high-level entrepreneurs, executives and high-achievers on a private basis or in his group coaching program.

Entrepreneurs, executives and high-achievers choose to work with Ken because he's not just a "Feng Shui Expert", but a true intuitive leader - one who has worked with celebrities, actors, actresses, singers, songwriters, investment bankers, hedge-fund managers, Fortune 500 companies and their executives, among many others.

Helping them simpify and solve some of the most complex issues in their personal and professional life. Many come to him for advice in growing their income, wealth and overall impact in the world. 

Others seek his guidance for improving their personal lives in regards to their relationships, health, happiness and freedom. 

If you're on track for revenues in the 6-7 figure range and beyond, and you are interested in working with Ken ongoing - individually or as part of a small, elite group - fill out this brief form here to see if you qualify. 

Ken also does occasional on-site strategic planning, Feng Shui consultation (residential for an existing house or pre-purchase house assesment, commercial, property selection, land selection or mixed development) and intuitive guidance for qualified applicants. Startups are welcome.  Inquire here with this brief form

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