What Color Should I Paint My Massage Room?

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What Color Should I Paint My Massage Room?


Massage TherapistQuestion: I am Massage Therapist, I am making a massage room in the back of my house. What color should I paint the room, any other help would be very much appreciated.

Great question. Colors I would consider for your massage room include solid, calm, subdued colors with no patterns. Subtle and deep shades of blue, green, black, or yellow.

For you and for what you described, the nurturing color of green feels very good for your space. Think of the color of a new leaf. And consider adding some live plant energy such as a money tree.

I recently was in a spa that really did something interesting with their lighting. They had sconces on the walls and added light bulbs that flickered like a candle. Really made for a relaxing and peaceful environment. I actually had to peek in the sconce to see if they had candles burning.

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Hi, I am not sure what color u should paint your room... I am going through the same thing, I also have a massage room in the back of my home. I am going stir crazy on how to market myself, decorate, colors, it is driving me crazy... cause i am a perfectionist when it comes to this... anyways i wish you the best of luck, i need it too, Crystal
Posted @ Saturday, June 13, 2009 11:24 PM by Crystal
Hey! Ok I'm trying to remember what color some of the walls are at Aloha Health Spa where I typically get my massages done.....I think slate is a really soothing color. Anything earthy relaxes me right off the bat. That would be good.
Posted @ Thursday, November 05, 2009 10:40 AM by George Buchanan
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