The Use And Position of Feng Shui Wind Chimes

I have a huge wind chime outside my front door  - it is to the left as I am looking out of my house it has 6 long hollow rods is it auspicious where it is? And then my daughter brought the one i had out back on our deck and put that too right next to the one out front --is that too much giant wind chimes, or should I put the other one back hanging over our deck once again?

Answer: Regarding wind chimes, I personally like to recommend a wind chime that has 5 hollow metal tubes that make a pleasant sound. The 5 hollow metal tubes represent the five elements consisting of fire, earth, metal, water and wood.

There are many different methods and ways to use wind chimes in Feng Shui. One thing to consider based on your description, would you bump into it when coming in or out of the front door or on the sidewalk?

Feng Shui Wind ChimesTypically, when using wind chimes outside, we're making a correction, adjusting the direction of the chi or energy by diffusing and radiating a linear impact like that of a road, hallway, or staircase facing the front door, diverting the chi and relieving pressure. Or how the use of a wind chime can raise a person's chi level.

Based on what you described, it does not sound as though it is providing a feng shui cure other than wonderful sound of hearing the wind chime. I typically only have one wind chime per location or purpose and don't add additional wind chimes.

Recently, I did a consult where a woman had many artistic wind chimes hanging in a small bush. I suggested that we leave one and consider placing the others in different locations. It really made the space feel lighter and in harmony with the environment when we did that.

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