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Bad Luck To Have Feet Facing Door When In Bed?

Your bed facing the door in Feng Shui when you sleep is considered to be bad luck . When your feet are facing the door, this is called the coffin position. When your head or bed is facing the door, it is considered to be unlucky or not good luck. 

This is only because viewing of the deceased would have this type of set-up.

When setting up your bed in the bedroom, place your bed one of the three command positions as shown below. When you are in a command position, you are not in direct line of the door or the flow of chi.

Bed Facing Door Bad Luck Feng Shui

If a person is in direct line of the door with feet pointing at the door, this can cause foot problems as the line of energy first hits the feet. And it may cause other side effects as you never want to be in direct line of the oncoming energy.

Click play to watch the video below to better understand the proper placement of your bed according to Feng Shui.

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